Come on guys, Metroid Prime: Federation Force looks fun

Since I've been busy at E3 I haven't been able to check out the Nitendo Treehouse live streams (which were excellent last year, are they good this year as well?) but I did look up this replay of Metroid Prime: Federation Force to see some more gameplay since the trailer didn't really show us much. Grouping up with three of your friends to take down large enemies using weapons from the Metroid universe looks genuinely fun.

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Godmars2901246d ago

Metriod is about exploration, discovering new paths with new items and weapons, as well as fighting large bosses, whereas this comes off as only only being about boss fights. As a group activity.

Abash1246d ago

We have been asking for a Metroid Prime 4..... and they give us this instead. No way in hell will I support it.

Godmars2901246d ago

Then don't support it.

I get that the fear is that the general market could pick this up and make it a sub-franchise, have negative impact on honest entries into the series, but that's the chance. Doing more than saying you wont buy it, like the petition, is pointless.

jholden32491246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )

We're not getting a new Metroid Prime 4 this gen. Yes I know it sucks and I'm as disappointed as you.

But since when do we let disappointment stop us from playing a fun video game? Avoiding Federation Force isn't going to make Metroid Prime 4 magically appear.

And if you were REALLY a fan, you would still be excited for this game. You would at least be willing to give it a try. The worst kinds of fans are the ones who have a narrow minded expectation and demonize anything that does not conform to that idea. In fact I don't even consider those kinds of people fans. Just a bunch of guys who played a game they like and want to raise hell until they get another out of the same cookie-cutter.

Not only does this game look fun on its own merits, I'm going to enjoy it even more simply because it's set in the Metroid universe. Armor that looks similar to the Chozo Suit, enemies from the Prime series, mechanics from Metroid Prime- similar movement, double jump, charge shot, super missiles, special beams, puzzle oriented combat... These are all things that made me love Metroid in the first place. And they are all present in this game. Samus herself even makes an appearance!

So go ahead, pout in the corner because you didn't get a repeat of the game you imagined you wanted, and tell all of us how big of a fan you are by not buying this game. But all I'm hearing is how little of a fan you are- you don't like Metroid. You're not a fan. That's like not buying Hyrule Warriors because it's not an exact Zelda formula. A good game is a good game and we should count ourselves lucky that we're at least getting some kind of Metroid at all- one that DOES look fun... because I honestly thought they were going to bury the franchise for good after the whiny temper tantrums over Other M.

And yes it's perfectly okay to still want Metroid Prime 4. I know I do. But until that day comes, I intend to enjoy what's in front of me here now. And a real Metroid fan would be doing the same. And by the way, for all this bitching about wanting a new Metroid, there's a perfectly good entry on the Wii called Other M. And if these so-called fans would actually go back and play it and actually give it a fair shake, they'd discover it's actually a dang good Metroid game.

But as it stands, if this fanbase keeps rioting like children every time they don't get a game that conforms exactly to the image they demand, Nintendo's going to bury the franchise permanently. Why bother investing in a franchise the only brings them bad publicity? Other M was a GOOD GAME- it wasn't a problem. This fanbase is the problem. People need to suck it up and show Nintendo you actually do enjoy Metroid and the best way to vote for Prime 4 is by supporting Federation Force.

Because I can promise you, trying to make this game flop will only kill off the franchise you supposedly love. So if you never want to see another Metroid game again, if you never want to see Metroid Prime 4 come to fruition, by all means carry on. Just remember though, you're not only ruining it for yourself, you're ruining it for every other Metroid fan out there too. And when they abandon this franchise for good, we'll know who to thank for it it won't we.

Utalkin2me1246d ago (Edited 1246d ago )


I totally agree, speak with your wallet. Last year Nintendo seemed to be on a role with games, i was liking what they had to offer. But for the end of this year and into the next year i was surprised at what they had to offer. I felt like they just abandoned the WiiU and are starting focus on the "NX". I'm really took back by Nintendos approach over the last year.

And i hate to say that will affect me on the purchase of their next launch of console. Nintendo have been my fav since a little kid. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

Godmars2901245d ago

Just realize: Metriod was the original Dark Souls.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1245d ago

Pokemon is about catching and training
oh look Mystery Dungeon and Ranger

Mario is about Platforming or look Kart, Tennis, RPG, Party and more

Zelda is about the sense of adventure or look Crossbow Training and a hack n slash capture dem keeps

Metroid is guilty of having a spinoff eh

Godmars2901245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

One where the main character isn't featured...

I mean really, shouldn't have to mention the whole lone wolf thing.

Starbucks_Fan1246d ago

Even if it does turn out to be a decent game, I won't buy it. I wanted a real Metroid game.

AWBrawler1246d ago

has metroid on the title, it actually exists, you can hold it in your hand, you can see it, hear it, smell it, and even taste it if you want, so yeah, its a real metroid game.

_-EDMIX-_1246d ago

Whats sad is it seems thats what you actually confirm to be a Metroid game.

Soooo all I got to do is put a name on it, and its confirmed to be that game huh bud?

We can't be this naive folks. Thats just not how it works, you can name something what ever you want, but what it is as a game is what folks are really seeking.

I can't just release a kart game, call it Call Of Duty and all is well. It doesn't work that way, they do no want solely the name and character, they want the full concept of what the game is, merely slapping on some skins, adding some items from the series and throwing the name on there doesn't just automatically make it a Metroid game.

It merely makes it a game OF THE SAME NAME! Who the hell out here wants a game merely by name alone? Never mind what it is, just have it called the same thing? Really folks?

I'm sorry but every gamer saw through Nintendo's BS pretty quickly when it was revealed. They do this many times, they have an Animal Crossing game...that is a party game.

What Forza is an FPS? What God Of War is a racing game? lolz.

AWBrawler1245d ago

okay you're going to the extreme. they didn't change the whole genre. its very metroid prime hunters esque. its not like they did a Dragonball Evolution type of bastardization of Metroid. ITs a metroid game, in the metroid world, with metroid mechanics, metroid characters, and will most likely be related to the next metroid prime.

I actually like the idea. I always wondered what they do while samus is doing her thing.

princejb1341246d ago

i wonder how many people going to buy this game thinking is a regular metroid game

OhMyGandhi1246d ago

destructoid is really been pro Metroid Prime Federation...Weird.
The game looks awful, and if they hadn't slapped Metroid in the title, most would have dismissed it almost instantaneously.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1246d ago

They've been Pro-stupid for a long time now.

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