Which Final Fantasy Gets the Next Remake?

"So it has finally happened; Final Fantasy VII is finally, after a decade of teases being remade. Fans are rejoicing worldwide as the wounds that Square-Enix left us with during PSX 2014 have completely disappeared. Now of course the game has only just been announced and we have no idea how far from release it is, but with such a noteworthy history of teases, demos and more, not to mention that to many Final Fantasy VII is one of (if not) the greatest games of all time. I can’t help but cast my mind forward though, to a time after Final Fantasy VII Remake, to what’s next." - Paul James of BGU

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-Foxtrot1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Final Fantasy's only fair

It's the main reason I've been wanting a FFVII for so long because I thought they would do FFVIII next then FFIX.

It would be amazing to see the Garden Battle remastered in all it's glory.

FFV and FFVI can easily be done for handhelds and as a digital title for the PS4/Xbox One.

Snookies121187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

Yeah, I think VIII would be my next choice for a remake as well. VI is my favorite of the series, but it just works with the pixel style so it's not in any real need of restoring. IX is amazing too, but I can't see that one in full HD on PS4... That would be really odd looking with characters like Steiner and Amarant.

VIII was always meant to be full sized in its scale, so I can easily see how glorious its transition to current gen consoles would be.

NewMonday1187d ago

it must be FF6, that is the best FF with the best characters and unique multi-perspective story, every character was like a main character and had skills in combat only he can do.

because its very dated many gamers ignore it, but believe me they don't know what they are missing.

ShinMaster1187d ago

Nomura said they skipped 5 and 6, so those would have to come next.
That said, they're more likely to remake 6 and skip 5.

I want 6 and 9 the most to be remade after 7 :)

MrSwankSinatra1187d ago

Sorry, but FF VI is the one that needs the remake. That game is leagues better than VIII could ever hope to be.

3-4-51187d ago

* I'd say Final Fantasy 6,9, or 12 is next.

bangoskank1187d ago

My three favorite. I hope for the same but the legions of fans want one of the weakest entries in the series for some reason: VIII.

tiffac0081187d ago

I think SE would do a remaster of 12 than remake it.

But 6 & 9 are definitely deserving, along with 8. ^^

meatnormous1187d ago

I am torn between 6 and 8. I easily played 6 the most but I really love the story in 8. I would have to say 8 because the game just didn't age well. 6 has charm in its graphics and I still play it to this day.

manaxknight11187d ago

6 would be a blockbuster remake...ff12 can give an idea of what a vi remake might look like...

1187d ago
Jaqen_Hghar1187d ago

never see 8 or 9 talked about much. A man usually sees 6, 7, 10, 13 (for the wrong reasons), and even 12 talked about a fair deal but the other PS1 games are strangely shunned and a man never could figure out why

MehmetAlperTR1187d ago

Totally agree with you.. VIII is the one of the favorites in the series. Squall Lionheart :)

Thunder_G0d_Bane1187d ago

FF9 would be great. Loved that game.

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Relientk771187d ago

I hope Final Fantasy IX, because it's my favorite

wouldn't mind VIII, and Tactics too

DarkOcelet1187d ago

Can we at least get a remastered version of FFXII? I was really sad it didn't show up at E3.

jambola1187d ago

I was really hoping for that too

Genova841187d ago

Didn't mean to disagree. Finger slipped. I would like to see FF12 remade as well. It's my favorite one since VII.

Dasteru1187d ago

IZJS remaster needs to happen.

bangoskank1187d ago

Agreed my favorite since IX.

Larry L1187d ago

Come on......... I can't be the only person who is basically 100% sure this (FF12 HD remaster) went into development as soon as X HD was a success. (Does anyone know the actual sales of just the HD version seperate from the original version's btw? I'm curious how it sold compared to the original). In fact.......this MAY be a false memory, but I seem to recall a recent (within last few months maybe) statement from someone at SE strongly hinting this was the case.

I'd buy it, ironic considering I HATED 12 at the time. I wanted to control all my characters or have online co-op with others controlling the rest of the party. I didn't want to deal with programming them with that gambit system. However........looking back on it after falling in LOVE with Dragon Age Origins and getting used to programming a party in that way, I actually think I'd have a whole new appreciation for 12. Though I've never actually gone back and tried 12 again since thinking this way. I COULD still hate it. lol

jeromeface1187d ago (Edited 1187d ago )

A Remake of Final Fantasy VI would be such a nerdgasm I'm not sure I could contain it.

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