E32015's Most Awkward Moment: Jason Derulo

Katie Joell from GamerscoreWhores writes"There were a number of awkward moments at E32015, most of them came from the EA Camp. Whether it be from the shakiness of the developer of Unravel down to the absolutely exhausting 15 minutes of Pele talking about how he coined the term beautiful game and not to mention The Hoop God on stage talking about NBA 15 like a complete buffoon. But it was Jason Derulo at Ubisoft’s conference’s that took the prized prat award at the show. Katie & Armik discuss this in detail at 41:30 in the podcast embedded and run down the absolute farce that is Jason Derulo"

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Relientk771243d ago

I muted the Ubisoft stream when he came on stage until he was done

GamerscoreWhores1243d ago

I have never heard someone sing live so badly. You did the right thing!

Horyzon1243d ago

Sexy! I wanna marry with him!

theFAYEsorceress1243d ago

he is one of the most unnecessary music artists ever.

N0TaB0T1243d ago

Congratulations do humanity a solid and institutionalize yourself.

Neoninja1243d ago

This was a bit of a cringe worthy awkward moment. Doesn't help that he sounded like garbage on stage.

Deathdeliverer1243d ago

Sounded unbelievably bad. It stopped right when I put the gun to my head. So close...

chrisx1243d ago

Lol this guy can't sing no autotune to help him on stage

rainslacker1242d ago

I agree with the first part, but autotune is available in real time on stage. Most modern pop singers use it in fact. Guess it wouldn't be too bad if autotune didn't sound so fake to begin with.

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The story is too old to be commented.