‘ReCore’ For The Xbox One: The Most Intriguing And Mysterious Title Out Of E3?

However, the fact that this is the Mega Man and Might No. 9 creator teaming up with the developers behind the Metroid Prime series should have gamers perking up their ears. As it stands, the combination of interviews and the trailer does give us a bit of an idea on what to expect.

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nicksetzer11152d ago

Without gameplay I will not even make an opinion. That said I am optimistic about the game and can't wait to see more. As of now it is just a CGI trailer with big names behind it.

christocolus1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Same here. I really can't wait to see gameplay but i'm not too worried about that,former Metroid prime devs are onboard and Keiji Inafune created Lost planet, Mega man, Onimusha, Dead Rising etc. I hope he shows off gameplay at Gamescom. From all I've read about the game there's going to be a lot of adventure and exploration with a deep story behind it and the idea of having a robot companion who can basiically change its form is much potential right there. I hope they pull it off. This and Scalebound need to have awesome demos at Gamescom.

HaveSumNuts1152d ago

It was a CGI trailer no gameplay was shown, that is not intriguing at all.

4Sh0w1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Im not a big fan of CGI trailers but they are historically common at first announcements of new games....many great games started out with nothing more than a cgi trailer to demonstrate the concept of the game.

ReCore trailer was definitely interesting in concept but it will take a top notch gameplay trailer before I personally can get excited about will also take a subpar gameplay trailer before I can take a "'meh" attitude like you seem to be prematurely doing.

I hope after the holidays at the latest they have a small taste of awesome gameplay to show.

Edit, Well Canthar Im sad about Horizon not coming to X1 but thats just how it is if you dont buy both consoles.

ShottyatLaw1152d ago

I am hoping for gameplay on both, too. New IPs really should be announced with CG followed by (at least) brief gameplay.


As this article mentions, more details were learned after the conference. The bits that were discussed are intriguing.

1152d ago
No Way1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

What I'm curious about is that in the video, the robot dog killed itself.. seemingly without any instruction of the girl. So, does the robot have it's own AI and does things depending on the situation under its lwn accord. Or, will something like that be commanded. Perhaps, worse of all.. Only being in CGI scenes.

The game does seem to have an interesting concept, though. I hope we see some gameplay at the next big game show.

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Hoffmann1152d ago

Yeah...nice presentations are nice but without gameplay or at least showing in-game graphics its just a presentation without real substance.

Pogmathoin1152d ago

The premise of the game looks great, hope it lives up to the buzz it generated....

smalltowngamer5031152d ago

For everyone saying showing CGI is not intriguing: I'm pretty sure there is massive excitement every time Sony shows a CGI trailer. Think on that

jb2271151d ago

Mysterious? Yeah, considering it was a cg trailer w/ no hint as to what it is or if it even exists...Intriguing? Depends on how much you dig cg trailers.

I'm tired of cg reveal trailers & MS have been the biggest proponents of them this gen. They are utterly pointless & only serve the purpose of telling gamers to "please be excited" about the prospect of a video game. Devs should wait until they have something to actually show us, anyone that preorders a game based off of a cg trailer deserves the potential disappointment.

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Canthar1152d ago

Bring it to PS4 and I would be happy to talk about it.

no_more_heroes1152d ago

Its a MS first party IP (mentioned at the conference). These guys are just making it.

Canthar1152d ago

I know it won't be coming, sad about that fact.

Hoffmann1152d ago

Its a MS first party IP like Ryse, Killer Instinct or Dead Rising 3?

Means we might see it on PC at least.

smalltowngamer5031152d ago

Why Canthar is getting disagrees is beyond me. I guess if you're a PS fan then even mentioning an xbox game without degrading it warrants disagrees from this fine community

d_g1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

this is first party Microsoft game

i don’t think it will come to PS4

on topic

the game looks very interesting
and i hope we will some gameplay at Gamescom 2015

Canthar1152d ago

Very aware of that, and sad because of it.

700p1152d ago

ew your fanboyism disgusts me. Also @Hoffman you do realize Microsoft makes pc games too right.... lol so of course they support both their platforms. Btw stop stop acting as if everyone pc games. I don't pc game.

Canthar1152d ago really don't know me very well.

spicelicka1152d ago

Why? How about you just don't talk about it then. I'm assuming if it came to PS4 it will be magically intriguing all of a sudden.

Davi1231152d ago

Recore looks interesting, but the «Most Intriguing And Mysterious» of E3?! Because it have a gun? Also Horizon could be too! Dreams was the «Most Intriguing And Mysterious» of E3!

PlayableGamez1152d ago

Sure as long as Xbox can have Horizon: Zero Dawn, Playstation can have ReCore.

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no_more_heroes1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Its been in development for 14 months and releases in Spring. Why no gameplay? Forza Horizon 2 took 18 months to make (its mentioned somewhere in IGN's First coverage) and Gears releases two seasons after it and showed gameplay, so why not even a short gameplay trailer for this?

fermcr1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

They will show gameplay during Gamescom... I think.

no_more_heroes1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

So this, Quantum Break, Crackdown and Scalebound all at Gamescom? Plus the new stuff Phil said they'd announce?


ELE_Victim1152d ago

Heroes - plus more gears, i believe

TheGreatGamer1152d ago

Man I hope we get more details on this game soon, looked very interesting and with the names behind this game, I'm sure it'll be great

Josuey1152d ago

its just a CGI trailer, also does not even look like it will be a AAA game.

Kingdomcome2471152d ago

Inafune has pretty much already confirmed that the game is AAA. I also doubt it would've been afforded a presence near the beginning of the show if it wasn't. In the event that it's not AAA, so what?

ichimaru1151d ago

AAA refers to the budget not quality. Technically a broken game with a multimillion dollar budget is a AAA title.

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