Several features I want to see implemented with YouTube Gaming

Keith Mitchell of the Outerhaven writes: "Ever since Google and YouTube announced that they would be entering the live streaming arena and going head to head with the current streaming juggernaut, Twitch, I started wondering about what could they offer that would set the two apart. Obviously, YouTube has been putting the pieces in place for quite some time, regardless if they had planned out the YouTube Gaming platform or not; they got rid of their flash player and switched to an HTML5 player so that their application would work anywhere, they introduced 720p60 and 1080p60 playback into their player and even allow 1440p and 4k resolution videos. Since they already had an impressive amount of features in place before the announcement, features that I feel Twitch should and will likely incorporate in the future, there are still several features that YouTube Gaming should add to make their service that more appealing to existing Twitch streamers and to attract both new and up-and-coming streamers/personalities."

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