Remake or Remaster?

With the recent announcement of Final Fantasy VII, this article explores the pros of making a Remake versus a Remaster.

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iTechHeads1186d ago

Game is too old to just remaster. Especially a game this iconic. It deserves the complete next-gen treatment.

kalkano1186d ago

"most Final Fantasy games aren’t turn based"

1-10 are all turn-based. Having the turn-order based on timers doesn't change that.

ThrowingDigitalSheep1185d ago

For 4 to 9, try letting the game run when you get to a turn and see what happens.

kalkano1185d ago

The enemy's turn comes up while you're sitting there doing nothing with your turn.

Activemessiah1185d ago

Remake without alterations to original gameplay mechanics

CaspuR1185d ago

FF7 remake with ff15 gameplay, with the ability to switch between party members. Thats what im hoping for.