Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward PS4 vs PC DirectX 11 Screenshot Comparison

The PS4 and the PC version of Final Fantasy XIV used to be nearly pixel perfect identucal, but the addition of the DirectX 11 client for PC breaks that balance.

This screenshot comparison answers the question on just by how much the PC version pulled ahead in terms of visuals.

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never4get1248d ago

DirectX 11 simply gave Final Fantasy XIV tessellation and ambient occlusion. PS4 API needs to overcome not just DirectX 11 but also DirectX 12.

MaximusTKG1248d ago

I own the expansion on both PC and PS4. With everything maxed out on my PC there is little difference between the two. You can tell in future updates PC will pull away, but it's not noticeable right now. The ground maybe looked a bit better.

RJ920091248d ago

I feel that's since that last update the game looks better on the ps4 but idk if I'm tripping but things all and all look better

Sokol1248d ago

Superb game, just plugged in my kb/mouse to the PS4 and life is much better. :)