E3 2015: Shadow Warrior 2 Brings Even More Wang into the Fray | Hardcore Gamer

Shadow Warrior is one of those games that seemed both destined for an eventual remake and barred from one.

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Activemessiah1007d ago (Edited 1007d ago )

"More wang into the fray"

yeah that's what she said...

Daz1007d ago

the first was a sleeper hit for me.

AgentSmithPS41007d ago

I can't wait to slap my blu-wang into the PS4. I haven't played the first yet but I watched enough to appreciate what they've done.

Skate-AK1007d ago

Bought the first one months ago on sale but never started it yet. I need to find some time.

urwifeminder1007d ago

Got the first on steam sale have played more clean up detail than the game so far lol.