New PlayStation Games for 6/23/2015

Posted by Ryan Clements on Jun 21, 2015 // Social Media Specialist The Drop:

Violence and darkness descend on Gotham City. With a seemingly endless torrent of crime plaguing the streets, the legendary Dark Knight must fight for the city he’s sworn to protect. It’s here at last. Batman: Arkham Knight launches this week on PS4.

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greenmiker906d ago

Batman is nice but I am excited for Suikoden!! :o

3-4-5906d ago

* Would be even better if this somehow found it's way to PS4 or Vita.

Sly-Lupin906d ago

Suikoden 3! **** Yeah!

At this rate, we'll see Suikoden IV and Suikoden V hit the PS3 within the next 3 years! And the PS4 never!

(And maybe we'll get super lucky and they'll skip Suikoden IV altogether).

slappy508906d ago

Been looking forward to both Batman and Devil May Cry 4 and I'll be sure to chek out planetside 2 sometime too

psychobabble906d ago

Wow, I had no idea this was hitting this week! By no means, the best in the series, but at least it's better than IV. I wish Sony would make PS2 classics playable on the Vita. Surely it's powerful enough.

HentaiMasterRace906d ago

It would be, but it would also take up so much space in the memory card.

slinky123456906d ago

That's what I'm hoping for too. I sold my PS3 to have a PS4 PSVita and PSTV. I hope they allow it to come to PSNow and allow you to buy it but use PSNow instead of having to rent or download it.

psychobabble906d ago


How big is the file on the PS3? I have a 64gb and a 32gb card. Yea, I've hated the prices of the memory cards, but I REALLY love my Vita.

WeAreLegion906d ago

Batman, DMC4, PS2, and Shantae for me this week.

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