Nintendo: We didn't want to show "wonderful footage" of Zelda WiiU and disappoint fans at E3

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé stated that they didn't want to show "wonderful footage" of The Legend of Zelda Wii U at the Nintendo's E3 Digital Event.

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-Foxtrot910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

I know right. I don't even know what he's trying to say.

It wouldn't have been a mess...we would have been like

"Oh that Nintendo 3D Conference was horrible...HOWEVER, did you see Zelda, it looked amazing. Saving grace of their E3 event"

monkeyDzoro910d ago

At first I thought it was a Nintendo fanboy statement. You know, the usual excuse and damage control.

With that logic, I guess Sony fans are now... dissapointed with the footage of Uncharted4, Horizon and The Last Guardian.
Naughty Sony... disspaointing your fans that way...LOL

Blurmobjet910d ago

so, somehow they thought not showing it would be less of a disappointment?

PockyKing910d ago

I know the development of Zelda Wii U is still early, but the footage they showed off last year didn't look very good at all really. The world was very bland from the bit of footage they showed off. I'm sure it's improved by now, but after seeing Star Fox...not really sure what to think.

InTheLab910d ago

I find it amazing they can show the Zelda tech demo but can't show an actual game.

The problem is, Nintendo simply believes in everything they put out. They thought fans would eat up the new Metroid and thought Star Fox would be enough.
I'm sure the negative reaction caught them off guard as Nintendo has been clueless since the 90's...

ShinMaster910d ago

They spent too much times on certain games and Amiibos, when they could have showed new Zelda Wii U footage(to no one's disappointment).

They need to stop babying us.

subtenko910d ago

Oh so yall wanna show us horrible footage?

Yall dont love us!? Yall dont love us!? Well let it be known then! -Snoop Dogg

freshslicepizza910d ago

nintendo has the worst pr in the world. they simply don't care what anyone thinks. my opinion is it's being reworked to allow the game to launch for ninteno's new console and the wii u for late next year.

bouzebbal910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

OMG this is the worst excuse i could imagine! He didnt want to disappoint fans by the delay so they decided not to show a WONDERFUL trailer of the game? he decided to show a stupid partnership with skylanders instead?
Who does he think we are?

pixelsword909d ago

They can't show what they don't have.

In poker, they call that a "bluff":

"I didn't want to depress you by showing the awesome hand that you folded on".

*reshuffles the useless cards into the deck*

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NukaCola910d ago

Metroid Federation Force. . . Nuff said

Nintendo is losing the charm and respext they once had.

-Foxtrot910d ago

Don't forget Skylanders SuperChargers Racing

Chronoman2910d ago

Metroid Federation Force is getting previewed well. Maybe you are a loser fanboy?

Utalkin2me909d ago

I love Nintendo to the bone, but i have to be honest and say it was the worst showing that i have ever seen.

gameboy1909d ago (Edited 909d ago )

Everyone seems hooked on this years E3 and how Nintendo didn't show off Zelda ? I'm not bothered I'm buying DevilsThird,FastRacing,and a few more games and to be honest that will do me because my wiiu already has many games i keep on playing due to replayability like Mariokart8,Smash,Bayonetta2,ec t so when you add DevilsThird which is huge in replayability more so then COD ect and FastRacing I'm sort of happy it's been a good year for WiiU....

People next years E3 expect WiiU/NX to wipe the floor with the competition....

NX will be 10 times the power of current gen...

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Relientk77910d ago

Nintendo who is running your sh*t

LOL_WUT909d ago

Enough with the pay cuts this man needs to be fired ;)

Palitera909d ago

A very drunk japanese, I say.

pcz910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

another nail in the wiius already nail-riddled coffin

killacal13910d ago

One more nail in that coffin and you would've used all the nails in the world.

Fin_The_Human910d ago

Nintendo still has a place in my heart becuse of the great memories.

With that said the Game Cube onward was a middle finger to me and felt like Nintendo just said thanks for ur support now F off becuae ur children will now be my money makers.

DanteVFenris666910d ago

gamecube was still great but they started to lose a few 3rd parties, but stilll had great 1st parties

garrettbobbyferguson910d ago

Don't you dare talk shit about the gamecube. Amazing games on that console.

Utalkin2me909d ago


Thats kind of true. But what they didn't realize was the parents from the old days sticking up and saying NO WAY.

dmeador910d ago

I'm so sad, bc I was looking to E3 to see if I wanted to grab a U. Looks like it would be nothing but a mario kart, smash bros drinking machine

ameliabaz909d ago

Even a Mario Kart announcement would have been better than what we got. Seriously who is pining for a new Mario Tennis game......or even Paper Mario and Luigi! It's such a shame they focused their Nintendo Direct conference on games that didn't warrant that sort of attention.

pivotplease909d ago (Edited 909d ago )

There's a few other top notch games as well. It's library actually isn't bad at all for a sub-three year old console. I just wish it raked in a few more sales so that Nintendo wouldn't be losers about supporting it. Oh it didn't become a casual fad like the Wii U so now its a write off and we're going to treat it like the Vita (which is a year older I believe).

PizzaSteve910d ago

I'm sure the fans would've prefer Zelda footage over Federation Force.

AWBrawler909d ago

i rather enjoyed federation force and they told us early that zelda wouldn't be there.

SilentNegotiator910d ago

He's trying to say "I can't tell you that we're saving the reveal for when we officially announce NX, which will be a launch title (but still on Wii U, like Twilight Princess)."

Fin_The_Human910d ago

Wouldn't be amazing if Nintendo surprised with a console that is 2 more times more powerful than the PS4 and XB1 and has a normal control.... Too much to ask for.

SilentNegotiator910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

Nintendo seems too intent on having the least expensive home console for that to happen.

And with two ~$400 consoles already getting the lion's share of attention, in no small part thanks to their third party support, I don't see a more expensive console working its way into the picture, unless they end up launching ~1 year before the Ps5/Xbox Two and the console becomes more about competing in the 9th gen than catching up to the 8th.

And ultimately, I don't think that being stuck BETWEEN generations is ever a good idea, since devs aren't ready for transitions and gamers aren't sick of their fairly new systems yet; so I think that they should wait longer than what I'm assuming that they're planning to release the NX (2017 release at latest, is what I'm guessing, since they openly announced/teased it already).

3-4-5910d ago

* I think he's saying this:

"We knew the rest of the show isn't that good so we didn't want to waste the wonderful Legend of Zelda footage on a bad Nintendo Direct and poor E3, it would have gotten lost in the anger." <- something like that

I'm guessing they want it to be the focus of it's own direct when all the news is mainly that so it seems good and the focus is on how good it is.

* LoZ wouldn't have made up for how poor of a showing that was at E3, and they know it.

N4g_null909d ago (Edited 909d ago )

Lmao.. Splatoon is sweet though. Too bad no zelda awwwww.

Think they don't want to tease.... Yet that is what everyone wants.

LOL_WUT909d ago

Nobody cares about that game and judging by that E3 Direct neither does Nintendo otherwise they could've showed what new features are coming in the August update. ;)

N4g_null909d ago

Its was actually sold out. Im not sure you can comprehend what nintendo was trying to do? Ummm they wanted to get people ready for the next few months. Splatoon is already out and it rocks. If you have a wii u and havn't played the game then you might be listening to the anti hype too much.

Sure E3 sucked, yet hardly any of there games have. No day one patches no failure to actually run optimal for the game play. No hype... literally. This doesn't change the fact that wow I'm having fun and so are many others.

Seriously though casuals could not handle splatoon any way. We had some COD guys come in...LOL

Plus it is pretty fun playing with japanese people they are pretty good. The ranked battle are really sweet and the weapons are like quake and unreal mixed together yet not. The level design is superb also.

Plus to zelda is coming and I'm sure platinum doesn't want to look lame so iwata and platinum heard our pleas. I'm not worried though. Xenoblade is still coming also and some other sleepers.

WonderboyIII909d ago

Using one mess (delay) to justify another mess (no showing footage)

herbs909d ago

Soo strange Nintendo, in the article its states they decided to not show Zelda at the last minute but I remember them stating ahead of time no Zelda. That's not a reassuring sign wierd nonsensical back peddling and twisted logic, horrible PR.

modelgod909d ago

Tell me about it. It's about time Nintendo go the way of Sega and let Sony and MS have zelda and donkey kong country. " we didn't want to show wonderful footage of Zelda and disappoint fans." I didn't even read the article.

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DarkBlood910d ago

im so confused with that statement.

GCO Gamer910d ago

Exactly, it's just Nintendo using PR speak to cover up something stupid up.

I_am_Batman910d ago

I was wondering if the abscence of Zelda could mean that it is no longer a Wii-U game. I know this is pure speculation but with Wii-U selling that bad I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo pushed the game to the NX.

PhucSeeker909d ago

@batman: Maybe it's a cross-gen game, like Twilight princess.

LackTrue4K910d ago

i think it was a jab towards Sony and Microsoft.

and if it was, it was lame.

fanboysmackdown910d ago

Yes, Nintendo are kings of oxymorons.......beginning with Reggie and ending with Miyamoto.

_-EDMIX-_910d ago

Agreed. Something is either wrong in development, its more far off then they claimed or someone made a HUGE mistake when choosing to not show it. They have zero reasons to not market a working game, even if its a year away, its still something that gets gamers buying a Wii U to prepare for it.

Yet...we already saw it? They could have just shown something small and it would still be something. They still have E3 next year, I truly don't feel showing a small sneek peak would have hurt them......who the hell isn't buying this damn game based on a sneak peak that otherwise would have? lol.

Its a easy day 1 for ANY Zelda fan, its easily the most anticipated Zelda game in a long, long time.

MWH910d ago

I remember you, you're the coward that attack and insult people via PM then block them and run.

you're a champion, lol

_-EDMIX-_910d ago

@Seg- OT.

Don't you have Fallout 4 stories to troll about it being on PC?

WonderboyIII907d ago

You could have shown something small too? But I am sure it won't be something :)

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AKR910d ago

I get the frustration, but his point is that they didn't want people to get hyped again, only to be let down by the fact that this isn't a game we're getting very soon.

Not that I'm defending it; I think it would'be been great to see some new footage, but nevertheless, I ALSO don't know why everyone is so surprised. They announced earlier this year that Zelda won't be at E3, so it's not like they pulled the rug from under anyone's feet.

Spotie910d ago

That's a horrible point. Anybody would obviously be more disappointed in not seeing the game at all.

As for them saying it wouldn't be there, would it be the first time a company had lied about such a thing?

AKR909d ago

Lie about what, exactly?

Eonjay910d ago

Wow. I'm sorry what? This is an oxymoron. Why would wonderful footage disappoint?

Kingdomcome247910d ago

Baffling. I'm almost certain that there isn't a single solitary Zelda fan that agrees with his statement.

spicelicka910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

I think they mean it would be disappointing to see wonderful footage and know it's not coming out till the end of next year.

Which is pretty pathetic because it means they had nothing else to show.

Eonjay910d ago

Even if that is the case, I fail to see how not show it at all is less disappointing.

bunt-custardly910d ago

My opinion is there were too many other big announcements/games showcased so they held off showing it for now until they can do so at a later date with more focus on this game.

iSuperSaiyanGod910d ago

But they didn't even show anything worth watching? It's was awkward & embarrassing to watch lol . My mom even said it . We were both watching it and it was just horrible . Even from a non gamers perspective lol she watch the Microsoft & Nintendo one & even think Nintendo looks like they're being run by a bunch of idiots that don't know anything about this day & age lmao

RpgSama910d ago

You forgot the /S at the end... you know, of sarcasm.

mcstorm910d ago

@iSuperSaiyanGod I think it depends on what games you are into and how they are shown off. What you need to remember is Nintendo are not a big USA run company and have different ways of showing games off and the way the business runs. Sony an Microsoft are big in terms of the US side and they also have a lot of games that are aimed at the US market. UC, TR, Gears 4, Forza 6 etc are not big hits in Asian markets where Nintendo showed off a lot of games that will sell well over there including Mario maker, Mario Tennis and Yoshi world.

I loved the look of some of there games and yes I don't think they will be big sellers in Europe or the US but in Asia I think they will do well. But I do get why people look at it as being a poor e3 as alot of people watching e3 are from European and USA markets