E3 2015: What's Going on with Gravity Rush 2?

Earlier in the year, a ratings board seemed to out a PlayStation 4 re-release of the original title, so it seems likely that we'll learn about that soon perhaps at the Tokyo Game Show in September

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Beetey1212d ago

Even though they haven't officially said anything about GR2, I think it is pretty safe to assume it will be a PS4 exclusive seeing as they have openly stated they are not working on any big Vita titles.

robtion1212d ago

TGS along with Persona 5.

killerluffy1231212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

then that means Vita is practically a scrap metal later on ...

ninjahunter1211d ago

That is true, but the devs have also stated this year that the game is developed for the vita.

vergilxx31211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

No they have said that it was a mistake

Rockets121211d ago

They have now recently said that they won't be making any vita exclusives and any game they make would be digital. Maybe that reopens the door for GR2 on the vita?

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Majin-vegeta1212d ago

Either Paris Game week,TGS or at PSX

NatureOfLogic_1212d ago

It'll be announced along side the remaster version for PS4.

ShinMaster1212d ago

Watch this vid @28:30

It's playable, but won't be shown until later. My guess is TGS at the earliest.

1212d ago
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