Robberies for GTA Online, which never came out: details of the "new" old Mission

The files GTA 5 has a lot of interesting things. The enormous weight of the game is about 60 gigabytes - it is not only necessary to run GTA 5 GTA Online or files, but also various "junk", which is simply too lazy to delete. However, it happens that this "junk" can be very interesting, as it has turned the old voice acting Heists missions for GTA Online.

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CaptainFaisal1273d ago

Redundant, no use to us as its "junk"

N0TaB0T1273d ago

Man, Take-Two really plays the late bloomer card to death don't they?

WizzroSupreme1273d ago

GTA is all about stealing your time and I'm happy to let these gems rob me blind.