Resident Evil 0 (2016 Remaster) Preview | GameRevolution

Playable at the Capcom booth stood the latest Resident Evil HD remaster, Resident Evil 0. The original game, released on Gamecube in 2002, was a follow-up to Resident Evil. This was all before RE4 would change the series in 2005 with a focus on action and (somewhat) less cheesy storytelling.

For those not familiar, Resident Evil 0 is set before the events of the original Resident Evil. In the mountains surrounding Raccoon City, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team is called in to investigate a series of brutal murders. A plane crash strands Bravo member Rebecca Chambers alone to fight off T-Virus monstrosities... until she meets wanted felon Billy Coen. (Sparks fly!)

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