Microsoft: Rivals have been slacking off

MCV: Sony and Nintendo's E3 performance shows they've 'been on an extended vacation' says Xbox boss

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Vojkan3797d ago

What? Wait, again WHAT?! Are folks at MS using drugs or are they just acting stupid?
IS this the guy that said they will outsell PS3 this generation worldwide? LOL Then i believe him on this one 2

Genesis53797d ago

Yeah I could tell by Junes NPD's how bad they have been slacking.

Shadow Flare3797d ago


Microsoft instead of spending all this time dissing Sony and co. how about you stop slacking off and start making your own games? Yeah? Yeah Microsoft, been real hard at work ripping everyone off. Mmm. Geez they come out with some stupid comments sometimes. Nintendo slacking off, yeah. But Sony has been showing (and keeps showing) more and more 1st party exclusives. So how about you Microsoft take a lead from Sony and start making your own games?

StephanieBBB3797d ago

They are just looking like baboons trash talking like this. What happned to honor or humbleness in victory?

Im ashamed of micrsoft and hope Sony and Nintendo makes them eat those words.

ChampIDC3797d ago

Yeah, some people just don't know how to be humble about victory, and of course they thought they won E3. Everyone thinks they won E3!

MURKERR3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

bill gates leaving would have such a dramatic effect with employees having total breakdowns and talking gibberish

rgun3797d ago

Mattrick is such a douchebag. I'm really starting to hate that guy. If you want to see how a CEO should act, look at Jack Tretton! He doesn't say anything bad about his competitors, in fact he has stated that if the competition does well then that means the whole industry benefits and that is a good thing!

Bubble Buddy3797d ago

Did I see the same E3 everyone watched? Cause Microsoft's wasn't anything to piss your pants about.

whoelse3797d ago

What he doesnt know is that Sony have a lot of stuff underwraps that they chose not to reveal at E3. He will be eating his words ;)

INehalemEXI3797d ago

This guy is pure comedy. I lol.

thePatriot3797d ago

buying exclusives and making them multiplat is hard work. creating new IP is hard work.

iHEARTboobs3797d ago

Seriously, why are all these MS guys bashing the PS3? They're outselling you MS, if you had confidence in your product you would let it do the talking. You guys mouthing off makes it seem like that's all you have left. Lets hope not though because competition is good and makes all our games better but just shut up.

NowGen3797d ago

its not that serious. why do people take what he said with such anger? if you purchased a ps3 with your hard earned cash, well then why do you give a flying F what anyone says? i love my 360 and admit to be a 360 1st guy. mostly cause everyone i know have it so it makes sense to play most of my games with them rather than strangers. back to my point. knowing what my preference is, i dont believe this guy. well maybe the nintendo part is true. but the sony part...what else is he supposed to say? he's the face and voice of the 360 now. thats his job. but if i know better that what he said is false, the why dont most of the sony only guys notice it and ignore it? i think near to no remarks about this article would be saying a whole lot more about how you feel than to give this statement on minute of your time. just my own opinion.

RemmM3797d ago

Like I said, I think thats the reason why MS is doing the talk.

RemmM3797d ago

MS is just overconfident because of FFXIII. I would'nt count SONY and Nintendo out yet. Besides, truth is MS is slacking on sales. :)

GarandShooter3796d ago

'why do people take what he said with such anger?'

Maybe they're tired of hearing this kind of crap for the last 18 months.

...and it's like someone saying your mother blows goats. She may not but it's going to piss most people off.

thebudgetgamer3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )


dantesparda3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Just how much sh!t MS has been talking lately?! And yet, not one 360 fanboy has said a single thing about it yet. Yet had this been Sony talking sh!t, you know the 360 fanboys would be on it like flys on sh!t. Man, i tell you, fanboyism is fvcked up, mad fvcked up. It makes human beings act unfair, and irrationable, but oh well, i digress

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Fishy Fingers3797d ago

Is he talking about a different E3 to the one I watched?

dude_uk3797d ago

no... no fishy..

I think he dreamt this "espectacular" E3 that hes talking about...and suddenly just woke up...

I think the only company on vacation here is MS where they have too much money to spend and just throw it around like its nothing important to them

thebudgetgamer3796d ago

cocaine is a hell of a drug

antt33796d ago


And this bit had me laughing pretty hard: "Of course I'm going to be biased..."

No no. Of course not. He's being perfectly reasonable with his assessment. Bah ha ha ha!

Ashton3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

they were busy copying Sing star, PlayStation eye and Mii .On top of that they had to unload truck full of money to steal games from other platforms,,,,,

how original,,,just like a breath of fresh air

thank god for MS ;),,,such a gift to gaming industry

Solid_Snake6663797d ago

dont forget about about how RROD isnt FIXED YET

socomnick3797d ago

Money talks BS walks.

Dont worry though you will eventually get to play all those delayed sony games.

supahbad3797d ago

yeah and you'll get to play all those... oh wait, just Gears 1.5. nvm

ChickeyCantor3797d ago

Seriously wtf is it with MS workers and the Nonsense they spit?
Realtime Weapon change makes more sense than this guy =/.

TheColbertinator3797d ago

I agree with you Sidar.He is getting his ass kicked by Nintendo and he isn't doing anything to stop it.

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