The Biggest Wii U Retail Games of 2015 - Summer Edition

It's the Summer Solstice here at Nintendo Life HQ in the UK, the longest day of the year. That comes at the end of the longest week of the year following E3, at which Nintendo had a mixed showing. What the event did deliver, in addition to some controversy and a clutch of wonderful moments, was a clearer look at the release line-up for the rest of the year; it gives us an opportunity, then, to consider the big games on the way.

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rjason121274d ago

I thought tantalus was going to reveal a triple aaa port soon?

wonderfulmonkeyman1274d ago

I remember them saying as much, too.
We should be getting a Direct sometime in July, or so recent speculation proclaims.
Perhaps we'll hear of it there?

rjason121274d ago

I hope there's a direct soon, I'm sure there will be, they'll hopefully wanna quell all the complaints about e3.