5 New Things in Rise of the Tomb Raider

OX writes: "Fresh from a Rise of the Tomb Raider demo at E3 2015, we talk new stuff for the Tomb Raider sequel."

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Kingdomcome2471274d ago

Goodness, I can't wait for this.

christocolus1274d ago

Same here,I like what CD is doing with this game. I think Halo 5 warzone, Rare replay and Tombraider will keep me busy for a very long time.

Trekster_Gamer1274d ago

Uncharted Who?

This game looks phenomenal, more than just a scripted bromance game.

The mechanics, look, feel, sound and everything else from what I have seen looks really polished. If there is one thing I would nitpick is that when Lara is moving through foliage that it respond a bit more naturally.

Still even now it is a preorder day one purchase for me!

Kingdomcome2471274d ago

I can't wait for both of them personally. The first part of your comment was unnecessary. I do agree that this looks great, though.

JMyers1274d ago

Wow... so your whole summary of the UC series is a "scripted bromance game"?

Clearly you didn't get the emotional hook, great story telling, gameplay, and the whole reason people love the series.

I preordered both of these games. And if you didn't know, this experience will also come to PS4.

poppinslops1274d ago

This IS it!

I'm really looking foward to the 'Woman vs Wild' stuff... gathering firewood, hunting, trapping, crafting field-dressings, setting traps and running from bears.

I wanted more of that in the reboot, so it's nice to see the progression across such a variety of systems... The emphasis on Tombs is encouraging, and the assymetrical approach to stealth/combat looks even more intense than the first.

I want it... I want it NOW!

bOObies1274d ago

Now all I hope we get now is an awesome limited edition like the last TR. That action figure was so great and incredibly detailed. Please give us a jam packed collectors edition :)

Kingdomcome2471274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

I'm at the point where I just want the steelbooks. That's the only thing that I really care about. I did buy The Witcher's collector's edition, though. It was sexy.