Mighty No. 9 is the Truly Modern Mega Man We have been Waiting For

"When Jason Lepine came out of the Mighty No. 9 demo, he claimed that “Mighty No. 9 is not like Mega Man” and stated that it was “just okay.” Appalled, I still ventured into my own Mighty No. 9 demo in a very optimistic fashion. This was the new darling of Mr. Keiji Inafune, after all, and I had faith that he would deliver a positive and memorable experience. After playing an hour of the new platformer, I am so thankful that I did not take Jason’s words to heart" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Revolt13908d ago

Even if the art style didnt achieve what the original vision was, this still looks like a very fun game, day 1.

Debaitable908d ago

Definitely going to buy but I was hoping they'd go with a highly detailed crisp 2D art style.

psychobabble908d ago

Yea, it still looks fun enough, but I can't help but think that the Kickstarter investors should feel a little betrayed in the style change. The original concept had so much more charm...

DiscoKid908d ago

Uhh that was made by a fan. But I do prefer hand-drawn sprites like that.

psychobabble908d ago

My bad. Still, all the concepts that were shown in the original Kickstarter campaign were such wonderful 2D designs. I don't think they translated the original charm into 3D models very well.

no_more_heroes908d ago

I never really followed its progress, so I didn't know it was originally gonna be 2D sprites.

Kinda wish it stayed that way now.

Timesplitter14908d ago

Still not 100% convinced by the visual style but I'm definitely getting it

KuroKazuma908d ago

no its not
dont want to rush all time...

MWH908d ago

I think it's worth a shot.