Fallout 4 Will Live Up To The Hype

IM PLAYIN discuss why Fallout 4 should live up to the hype.

"Fallout 3 was one of the greatest games I’ve ever played. It’s by far one of my favourite RPGs, and I’ve played a lot of them. That being said, New Vegas was a bit of a disappointment. It didn’t have the razzmatazz that seemed to seep out of every corner of Fallout 3 – which was weird, because they were pretty much the same game. I think that’s what the problem was, though. New Vegas felt like a carbon copy, or a bulky expansion to me, and it always seemed a little forced. So I do worry about Fallout 4, sometimes – can it live up to the hype and the precedence set by Fallout 3?"

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mezati991249d ago

E3 pretty much sold me on this game, i didn't even like FO3

StrawberryDiesel4201249d ago

Dude, how could you not like Fallout 3 but you're sold on Fallout 4?? They seem to be quite similar just with a different story and setting.

mezati991249d ago

i like the art style, the graphics looks nice, You can customize almost every single aspect of your character, The environment is malleable, you can build your world, Minecraft style, The crafting system looks fucking amazing, it lets you create all sorts of different attachments and guns.

it looks legit GOTY contender

_-EDMIX-_1249d ago

I'm not even sure how that can be bud. Fallout 4's excitement is based on what Fallout 3 actually is.

If they just added new graphics....I would still be getting it day 1. If you didn't like Fallout 3, I'm sorry but I'm not sure why your getting Fallout 4. The concept of Fallout 4 is the same from Fallout 3. You play the game the same way in terms of the main ideas.

Magicite1248d ago

Fallout have never disappointed. fact.

Ezz20131249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

I don't know

Let's talk again when it come out

cfc781249d ago

Judging by Fallout 3 and New Vegas and whats been shown of 4 i'd say yes and has a great chance at being game of the year.

darkslayer2081249d ago

i don't no but so far Mgs V is more appealing in my opinion but both are great and both are my day one purchase

cfc781249d ago

MGS5 is certain to be up there with others going to be a great last 4 months to 2015 thats for sure.

Lennoxb631249d ago

Stop applying hype to games before they release. If its a good game, it will be a good game. If its bad, it will be a bad game. No amount of hype is going to counter act that.

MWH1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

I agree with you, but in here it's like you're talking a different language and with few more comments like this and you'll be categorized as a Gaming Terrorist.

on topic; not in my book with 30fps. and even if turns to the best game the world ever seen, and it won't, I will still take a long p1$$ on it for that only.

oh yeah, I saw few ignorant users saying that now "they can focus on the game itself with the lower framerate". a comment so dumb I can't even bother to describe.

_-EDMIX-_1249d ago

....if you've played the Fallout series last gen, you'll know that the fps matters not.

The game's concept has nothing to do with such fluid speed in that you'll 100% need to be at 60fps. It doesn't really need it and it takes away nothing from the game. If you choose to not play a game based on such a number, you might as well stop gaming. That would be a dumb thing sir. Play the game and be the judge, I played all 4 Fallouts and I can tell you that frame rate means little to nothing in that game series, I don't just play games for fast fluid speed lol, I also play them for the know content.

cfc781249d ago


You just won the N4G grumpy gamer award for today.

MWH1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )


no PC gamer will agree to what you said and it will be considered dumb sir.

when you're a PC gamer sitting few inches away from your monitor and using mouse and keyboard playing a 30fps game for few hours then you can talk about the difference between 30 and 60.


with so many dumb-of-day awards i'm honored to be the black sheep.

immabadguy1248d ago

Really? New Vegas didn't seem "forced" or a "carbon copy", it just felt like a much better and improved Fallout game.

Blank1248d ago

Can confirm am playing Fallout 3 and New Vegas in my original saves, love both but New Vegas is refined overall gameplay as for story thats another topic I dont feel like getting into.

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