Planetside 2 PS4 Preview – Beta Expectations | GodisaGeek

Richard Simpson: "Jumping in, you are faced with the choice of three different factions to pick from, each offering their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. If you want fast flying fighters and rapid fire weaponry then look at the Terran Republic. If packing a punch with Electromagnetic equipment is your bag, then sign up to the New Conglomerate. If the idea of using vehicles with massive amounts of manoeuvrability is your must have, then the Vanu Sovereignty is where you should set up camp. It is only by diving in and getting your paws mucky that you will learn what best works for you. The Terran Republic was my own favourite, though more hours on the clock might have changed my mind."

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dream21001039d ago Show
Eonjay1039d ago

Oh yeah, this launches Tuesday!

XisThatKid1039d ago

One of my fav online experiences so far on PS4. can't wait for Tuesday!

RAM0N 1039d ago

Cant wait to play this

TomLovesXBOX1039d ago

Another console exclusive for the PS4. I'm happy that Sony releases games all year round so I have many games to play before the holiday season.