These PS4 Fans Really Want a SOCOM 2 Remaster

Push Square: "Ah, remasters: some loathe 'em, some love 'em. Whichever camp you fall into, it doesn't sound like they're going to stop anytime soon – especially when people are campaigning for more to get made. SOCOM 2 is the latest target of fans, as a group of military aficionados rally around the forgotten franchise to get its second instalment ported to the PlayStation 4."

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ault011189d ago

Socom 2 was a great game. Personally I really enjoyed Combined assault just for 3 main reasons.
1- it included all the most popular maps. What's not to love
2- I know I am not the only one who enjoyed the coop.
3- more weapons

Socom 2 had some epic moments and the start of my only gaming career, lol

bluzone1189d ago

what about 4-voice commands

ault011189d ago

Didn't even think of it. Socom in general was ahead of its time.

remixx1161189d ago


BlackIceJoe1189d ago

SOCOM had some really great PS2 games and I think would be great to play them again.

bonafide7321189d ago

Yea i still keep in contact with half of my team from S2. Some don't even game anymore, have gotten married but man those were some fun times. No other online game has touched me more. Community wise. Great community.

XboxOneX1189d ago

Good luck on the next one.

harbie1189d ago

It would be nice! H-hour is shaping up well, but needs to be ported to PS4.

Me-Time1189d ago

SOCOM was awesome. I completely forgot about it. Hell yeah. That would be great to have it this gen on anything.

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The story is too old to be commented.