Australia bans more than 240 games in six months

In the 20 years from 1995 to January 2015, there were 77 games Refused Classification in Australia. After January though, more than 240 games have been effectively banned by the Classification Board - an average of 40 per month.

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zsquaresoff1039d ago

And here I thought that bans and censorship in Dubai were insane.

Umb1039d ago

Welcome to the true Nanny State!

Australia's laws and how the political system works can be really strange at times. For example - private schools get more money from the government than government schools!!!! The federal government subsides coal burning companies and wants to remove support and funding for renewable alternatives.

I guess some time reality is stranger than fiction.

Pozzle1039d ago

As an Australian, I had no idea about this. I knew some 'mature' games had been banned (despite our supposed 18+ rating existing) but I didn't realize it was so many!

Screw you, classification board!

blackblades1039d ago

Wow thought other countries were bad on games. What's the list of countries again.
The whole Australia

ShaunCameron1038d ago

Saudi Arabia

By the way, Dubai is not a country. You mean to say the UAE (United Arab Emirates).

blackblades1038d ago

Yeah I know it's a city, nice place except in spec ops. Thanks for the lecture though now I know the area is called UAE.

urwifeminder1039d ago

Liberal Christian orientated government the worst since I have been alive.

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The story is too old to be commented.