Sony Pays Lip Service to Vita With 1 Minute Showcase Video

Sony did pretty dang well with its press conference this year, but one area where it was sorely lacking is Vita support. The closest we got was World of Final Fantasy, which is also coming to PlayStation 4, and the furthest we got was a nod to the PS4 version of Tearaway. Play it on Vita if you can.

There's this little Vita montage up on the PlayStation YouTube, at least.

Sony has referred to the Vita as a "legacy platform," after all. Just like Linguo. At least Dancing All Night is coming.

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dark-kyon1276d ago

Somebody expecting something from sony for vita is fooling himself or is pretending ignorance to keep trolling,call me when third party publishers how xseed,aksys,nysa,tecmo koei and banco jump ship.

UltimateMaster1276d ago

I know there's a new Ys coming for the PS Vita, along with World of Final Fantasy (urgh). Both of them are also going to release on the PS4.
So in a sense, it's going to be a lot of Platform exclusive but not device exclusive in order to make it more worthwhile to make the game for the system, kinda like Dragon's Crown (PS Vita/PS3)

dark-kyon1275d ago

I don't want to be a conspirancy guy,but in japan psvita alone is more what enough for severals publishers,to me is sony who is pushing third party japanese publishers to do ps4+psvita,they want what in a future they jump ship at how god eater 2 burst in ps4 don't make sense.

dark-kyon1276d ago (Edited 1276d ago )

That pic of the sinking vita,is more what two year ago what vita is sinking according to haters and anyone what don't have one,but still is not something can be sinking for more what three years?.

UltimateMaster1276d ago

I blame the rear touchpad and the damn expensive memory cards.
Just make it SD cards already OR drop the price by half.

nucky641275d ago

that's crazy - why are they not using SD cards?

Haki11121275d ago

To charge more money for their own memory cards. 64 gigs is still around 80 dollars that's crazy.

blackblades1275d ago

To late to change that, besides there was a reason for it to prevent hackers. The rear pad has nothing to do with it. Now they should bring over 64gb and drop prices cause its about that time for them to drop.

OB1Biker1275d ago

Not only that but so many people have been saying the Vita is dead for about 2 years but it keeps popping up in gaming news. Why don't they go the PS3 is dead I don't know but both are still very much alive to me.

Shineon1275d ago

Just put Windows on my Vita so I can play PC games on it, Sony should just sell the vita off, there done with it

blackblades1275d ago

Wtf you fail on that comment man literally.

Shineon1275d ago

You don't have to agree, you probably think sony is the best thing since slice bread. Vita is being neglected by Sony it might as well be adopted by a family that would support it.I bought my Vita because I liked the graphics it was kind of somewhere between Ps3 and Ps2 why in the hell are we getting so many cellphone quality games on it instead of games that push the hardware like mercenaries and Golden Abyss.Im just a mad consumer that's all not a fanboy

blackblades1275d ago

To bad you use your 2nd bubble, but you failed again. Your comment is just plain out stupid, put Windows on it to play pc games on it just wow and the your 2nd comment is just OMG.

bluebenjamin1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

I'm all for it if it was possible at Least there will be games a crapload of them.There is a way where you can stream PC games on Vita but you have to sign up as a playstation mobile develper.Sony will stop this suppourt next month so u gotta act now if you want the software

FallenAngel19841275d ago

Vita will be Sonys last handheld

blackblades1275d ago

Doubt it and I bet on it.

FallenAngel19841275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Vita has trouble struggling to hit 15 million sold. The next Sony handheld would do even worse in a market where powerful multimedia mobile devices will be even more mainstream than they are now. Not to mention that Nintendo's next handheld will be Wii U level, giving consumers another alternative for console gaming on the go. There wouldn't be much of a market for Sony's next handheld to justify its development.

Viper71275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

What you are missing here is the fact that Sony is dominating the console market in West and Japan. Handhelds are secondary market for them. Mobile boom is actually hurting Nintendo a lot more than it's Sony.

Before Vita can take over the world it needs to take over japan to get their games. Sony just doesn't have stuff like Pokemon, Zelda or Mario to carry the system in the west. (copying would only hurt their reputation so Indie focus is pretty good strategy for them imo)

3DS is like 2 generations behind Vita, so I am personally expecting some sort of late booming in Japan for the system once it has matured enough and reached the 100-150$ sweetspot in price.

FallenAngel19841275d ago

3DS still sells a lot more than Vita. The mobile market obviously hurt Sony's handheld more than it did to Nintendo's handheld.

Indies are great only for established owners, not for enticing new buyers. With even less major developers on board for a Sony handheld, it'd be difficult for the next one to sell even half of Vita's final lifetime sales. Vita itself won't even reach 1/4 of the total amount of PSPs sold.

3DS is one generation behind Vita. Its Wii-level tech vs PS3-level tech. When Nintendo releases its next handheld, more of the devs who still support Vita would switch over. Japan can't carry the next Sony handheld in the 9th gen where dedicated gaming platforms will sell even worse than they now.

Vegamyster1275d ago

Sad they haven't supported this device more like the PSP.

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