10 Announcements That Weren't At E3 2015, But Should've Been

Josh from Start Replay writes, "Now that E3 2015 has finished, it’s time to reflect and look into what wasn’t announced, but should’ve been."

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XXXL1123d ago

Rockstar not announcing or teasing anything really surprised me.

LuckyChamCham1123d ago

Was really expecting a God of War 4 :(

jb2271123d ago

Same here...I also REALLY wanted to see some footage from the Uncharted Collection, I was hoping at least it'd be on the floor somewhere w/ hands on impressions. I just want to see how much prettier those games can even look. Even if they did nothing at all I'd still rebuy them all just to have an excuse to play through the trilogy for the dozenth time before UC4. Really hoping we will get a singleplayer demo to go along w/ the beta but I guess that may not be in the cards

boing11123d ago

I was expecting Sleeping Dogs 2 from SE.

cfc781123d ago

Glad they didn't show Resident Evil 7 hopefully Capcoms thinking long and hard where to take the franchise in the next game.

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The story is too old to be commented.