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Submitted by PrivateRyan 2754d ago | article

The Worst Demos On Xbox Live

OXM looks at the five most disappointing demos on Xbox Live, ranking them in order and explaining why they were such a letdown... (Xbox 360)

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Fishy Fingers  +   2754d ago
Doesn't sound like OXM are to impressed by Denis Dyack's antics.
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Elven6  +   2753d ago
Thats funny OXM US like it and OXM Uk hate it.
KingME  +   2753d ago
Kinda Strange
I wasn't going to get too human until I played the demo. I actually like the game. Kinda of puzzled as to why it's getting such negative feedback. I thinks it's kinda unprofessional for game reviewers to slam a game because they don't like the developer. If this is the case with too human.

I guess in some ways it can be called fair. Lair was unfairly slamed by game reviewers also.
drewdrakes  +   2753d ago
I agree, Too Human is pretty good, its not the greatest game, but its still good.
green  +   2754d ago
This Too Human hate by the media is getting out of hand.If the Too human demo was not released, i can bet you that this article would never had been made.It's like some gaming journalists are just out to make sure this game flops, due to their new found hatred of Denis Dyack.

If you read the comment section, some people even confirm that the Arthur of the article RYAN KING does not like Denis Dyack.

Too human last week was the 7th most played game on xbox live.Demo's hardly make the list, and that should give a good indication that people are playing it multiple times.

This game is not perfect, but above all else it is a lot of fun.And if that is not the reason for gaming, then i don't know what is.
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PwnShop  +   2754d ago
I do find his critics of the Too human demo pretty stupid, i mean how can he criticize the story and call it pretentious when all he's judging it by is a demo, also the controls and camera i find perfectly fine after the second play through, it's a new, well some would say innovative change of controls and it takes time to take used to. I think this is undeserving hate to the demo.
P4KY B  +   2754d ago
I might be wrong about this
But isn't the story just a futuristic version of Ragnarok.

And if it is then Baldur will die before the end, then be resurrected.
And I'm really looking forward to seeing Lokis children.
dan-boy  +   2753d ago
what the f^*k is all this too human hate???
this and the rainbow six vegas demo are without doubt best demos i've played! i cant fathom why everyone has lined up to take a pop? after the negative previews i was apprehensive, but after the demo, i'm like wtf?? the game rocks! all the people who i've spoken to on my friend list love it also!

OXM uk are beyond sh!t anyway! when they reviewed rocky on the original xbox, they talked about the on-line portion, saying they had encountered no lag and descrbed the functions, but when it was released it was an off-line only game!!!!!!!! how bad is that??

anyway, f*^K the haters, first day purchase for me! i cant wait to play it!
Acidicpack  +   2753d ago
They hit the nail on the head with Hour of Victory. God that game is the most God awful peace of CRAP game that I HAVE EVER PLAYED.

Now on the other hand Too Human is not a bad game at all. Yes it takes some getting use to the controls but its not all that bad. Its still a day one buy for me. Its been a long time since I have had the chance to play a Dungeon Crawler like Baldurs Gate DA or Champions Of Norrath.

@dan-Boy I Agree with you 100% Bro Too human has been getting way to much hate. Peeps need to give it a play first befor just blindly bashing the game. Just my two senses.
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Nevers  +   2753d ago
Based on the demo
I'm buying Too Human. I didn't go in with rose-colored glasses but what I found was a pleaseant surprise. Took like 2min for me to get the hang of the "stick-combat" control scheme and then I really enjoyed it. The camera worked pretty well too. It seemed smart enough on it's own that I really wasn't as bothered by it as it seems a lot of people. I can understand why they took it down to 2 player co-op as, IMHO, 4 player co-op woulda taken all challenge out. 4 Baldurs would simply wreak too much havoc and the AI wouldn't have a chance.
n to the b  +   2753d ago
and that's not even a true count of how many are playing the demo. some people are playing offline due to the unlockables...
witchking  +   2753d ago
Getting Out of Hand
Yes, the hate for Too Human is getting out of hand. I actually liked the demo, and my kids both have played through it numerous times and are slobbering drool all over the place waiting for the full retail version.

This whole Dyack thing is stupid. Who cares what he says? Will any of that have any impact on whether you enjoy the game? No.

Same as all those nuts saying Assassin's Creed would be great because Jade Raymond is hot.
Megatron08  +   2753d ago
I have to agree with green on this one. From what I read of most ot the people that played the demo they have liked it. There are some that played it for like 2 mins and hated it but come on anyone plays a game for like 2-15 cant even have a real opinion on the game. Especailly Too human the control are not awful like this guy says they are by any means they just take longer to get use to cause I dont think any game has ever used a control set up like this before. You cant say it has a bad story from the demo either as the demo really tells you very lil about the story.
Bazookajoe_83  +   2753d ago
I have to laugh a little about youre comment "If the Too human demo was not released, i can bet you that this article would never had been made" when the article is about the worst demos on live. I get youre point, but it was kinda funny..
Rob0g0rilla  +   2754d ago
Sonic the Hedgehog is the worse game I have played in my life.
The game is filled with glitches that will get you killed, 3 minute loading times for messages that will literally take 2 seconds to read and followed by another 3 minute load time, bad camera angels, terrible new characters (cough*silver*cough) and the game never really lives up to it's name.

You have a to be a real Sonic fanboy to have what it takes to beat that game.
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Truplaya  +   2754d ago
the battlefield demo was good, i think you could even play with mates who had the full game. Turning Point was the worst by far
bumnut  +   2754d ago
hour of victory is worse than turning point.
kevanio09  +   2754d ago
i agree...i want the 15 minutes of my life wasted on hour of victory back...
CyberSentinel  +   2754d ago
Journalist That Bring Bias Into Game Reviews
I hope this game sells well, so Denis can give the finger to all you haters.
krakdol  +   2753d ago
Even as a crappy game, it should sell well since there's not really anything else coming out on Xbox...
lawman1108  +   2753d ago
I liked the Too Human demo
I did not think it was bad at all and when it drops from 60 bucks to 40 something I will pick it up . Turning Point by far was the worst pile of garbage to come out.
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bumnut  +   2754d ago
so basically they are saying too human is worse than crashtime, quake wars, sega super star tennis & top spin 3

im sure there are more crap demos i just can't think of any more at the moment

what a crappy article
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green  +   2754d ago
So they are saying Blacksite Area 51,Chromehounds,Clive Barkers Jericho,Conflict Denied Op's,Full Auto,Operation Darkness,Superman Returns,Turok to name a few, are all better than Too Human.
bumnut  +   2753d ago
thanks for refreshing my memory!!!!
ChampIDC  +   2753d ago
I played Conflict: Denied OP for like 3 minutes and turned it off. I at least could stand to play through Turning Point.
TheColbertinator  +   2753d ago
@Green I thought the demo of Blacksite was actually good.The rest of the game was boring but the demo was fun.
andron666  +   2753d ago
And what about Vampire Rain??
How can they have forgotten about that abomination?

It was hilariously bad, both demo and game. I played through the demo a couple of times because I just couldn't believe how bad it was.
dcbronco  +   2753d ago
The review at OXM.UK can't be trusted for Too Human can't be trusted now.
Everyone I know that's played the Too Human demo liked it. The controls and camera take a little getting used to, but you get used to them pretty fast. And the take on the story is actual very nice. If a person from a technologically advanced future went back in time to 1,000 BC, the people probably would think of them as Gods.

@Green Lay off Chromehounds. I played that game online for months.
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InMyOpinion  +   2754d ago
Stand in line to bash Too Human...

Btw, here's a tip if you find the controls are hard to figure out. Go to the menu and click on "Advanced controls". There you will find commands to juggle the enemies, do finishers, long range sword attacks and more.
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krakdol  +   2753d ago
It doesn't suck that much, this game is only 2nd on the worst demos list. I mean, there's one worse game after all (achievement unlocked ?).
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t-0_ot-  +   2753d ago
@Krakdol - Yet, it's managed to get you running through all the Too Human articles, eh?
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t-0_ot-  +   2753d ago
@Krakdol - You're an idiot. (Trophy unlocked?)
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Mausenheimmer  +   2753d ago
@Original Post

Good find! I was struggling with some of the more complex attacks. I was in desperate need of a manual.
kevanio09  +   2754d ago
too humans camera
Is not that bad, it not perfect...but its trying something can be adjusted to even an isometric view if that's what you want. They are trying something different from most other games being released with the camera. Playing as the beserker class the second time around the game was so much better. Now its a first day buy. If you didn't like the game the first time with champion class, play with a different class the second time around.
The Lazy One  +   2753d ago
I disagree
The camera is the only legitimate problem I had with the game (aside from the guy that yells every time he speaks... wtf?).

It makes it really hard to chain combos over a certain point because all the enemies are behind you. You have to do a lot of blind attacking, which is no good in almost any game.

That aside, this game was one of my favorite demos on live except the battlefield bad company one. The game went from a rent to a panic to find funds to buy day 1 game.
radzy  +   2754d ago
this guy is an absolute disgrace in journalism. ryan from OXM doesnt have a clue????????
2 of the best demo's on xbox live were a) battlefield modern combat
and b) too human.
the point of a demo is to give you that incentive to buy the game.
me and my mates all played battlefield demo until the full game released , then we bought the game , day one.
alot of people also played too human demo , and will buy the game as well , day one.
felidae  +   2754d ago
Too Human ist sehr sehr geil.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   2754d ago
Battlefield & Too Human?!!!
I love Battlefield and play it everyday online ranking up. To me it was a new experience over Call of Duty. Too Human demo was good to. Also a new Action-RPG experience. I think some of these people want to stir-up controversy and hits to their site for writing crap like this. I've been seeing to much BS articles being approved on this site.
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boodybandit  +   2753d ago
The article is referring to BF:MC
Battle Field Modern Combat and not Bad Company. Modern Combat had serious server issues and voice communication problems. It's the single biggest reason I stopped playing the game.

Bad Company has voice communication issues as well but everything else runs really good. I am surprised it isn't selling more than it has. I too play it nearly every day.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   2753d ago
Thanks, Bandit
If you think about it, BF:MC wasn't that bad of a game (for one of the launch titles). Now "graphics" wise, Perfect Dark was terrible, but multi-gameply was good. They could have took a little more time to made it better. Sorry to get off subject for a second.
insane_cobra  +   2753d ago
The only thing that is horrible, awful, lame, hideous, clunky, ugly, pretentious, and most of all, embarrassing is that article.
LeBart  +   2753d ago
Seriously, what did people expect from Too Human ? I was not paying attention to this game before the demo so I tried it with no apriorism, and it is A GOOD GAME. The controls may take some time to getting used to, but what the game does with storytelling for instance is just fantastic.
When MGS4 came out, everyone was super impressed with the absence of transition between cinematic and gameplay, but in reality it was just in some rare cases. I think Too Human does a better job of melting gameplay and story together.
Of course if the story is crappy, this will not matter much, but you have to acknowledge what is good if you want to b*tch about the camera.
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Daxx  +   2753d ago
F*ck OXM UK and f*ck Denis Dyack. The Too Human demo is a great demo. OXM UK is just pissed because Denis Dyack doesn't know how to keep his big damn mouth shut. If Denis wasn't such a huge fanboy of his own game I don't think Too Human would be getting so much negative publicity. It's going to be a great game but it has an ass hole as its top developer.
CyberSentinel  +   2753d ago
So If You Defend Something You Believe In
....that makes you an @ssWhole?

Denis is right on the money when he talks about corporate outsourcing and workers rights. If Americans hate him for that, then I say wait till you lose your job, and see what it's like to find a "real" job in today's economy.

Blind Lemmings, You Are The Reason America Is In Such Dire Straits.
NowGen  +   2753d ago
tell me why is AMERICA in Such Dire Straits?
Daxx  +   2753d ago

I think you misunderstood why I'm calling Denis an asshole. I'm only talking about all the fanboyish nonsense he's been spewing for the past few years not his political/business views. It's very unprofessional for a person of his status to get into flame wars over his game. I'm fine with him defending what he believes but he doesn't need to be spitting venom at the press or at the people that hate his game. He should have just left that job up to the fans of Too Human.

And I don't out right hate him, I'm just upset with him (it's hard to show true emotions with words). And where in the world did you get this preconceived notion, from just reading my comment, that Americans hate him? And what’s all this nonsense about job security and corporate outsourcing/workers rights? I never heard him talk about these things. I only listen to what he says about Too Human.
2paclives  +   2753d ago
Too Human..
Too Sh!tty, more like it.
Who hyped this game?? And why? Boring, bland and lame.
Sorry folks, try harder nest time.
kevnb  +   2753d ago
thanks for that
I really needed that said
slugg  +   2753d ago
Nest time?
Oh, I get it, you are some kind of vulture...
enjoi187  +   2753d ago
why is too human on that list? idoits
kevnb  +   2753d ago
Sounds like this was a way to diss Too Human
It's only barely thinly veiled by putting Hour of Victory as number one. Oh well, who cares what oxm thinks? Most people seem to be enjoying Too Human.
kazuma  +   2753d ago
oh this is just too good to be true. an OFFICIAL xbox magazine saying that the too human demo sucked? but...but...but, didn't they have massive downloads, according to denis dyack? doesn't it mean it's good? but the official xbox magazine didn't like it, and a few other ppl didn't like it either.
oh the irony.
Mausenheimmer  +   2753d ago
This sounds cynical, but think of all the hits that article would generate if it became controversial. More money for Microsoft. An unorthodox method of hyping a game, that's to be sure.
kazuma  +   2753d ago
well that is a thought. as long as they keep ppl talking about the game, it's more publicity (good or bad).
but what i find weird is the oxm taking such a cheap shot at a demo (which imo was normal as most demos are, i mean they're usually just a taste of the game, good or bad) of a 360 exclusive that microsoft has been supporting a lot lately.
i mean let's not kid ourselves here, official magazines are always biased. this is just some goddamn weird situation.
sonic, turning point and hour of victory are some of the worst games this generation (hurray for sh*tty and generic fps's), it's no wonder they also have sh*tty demos but battlefield 2 is an okay demo (although i didn't find the hit detection on the enemies all that good) and an okay game and too human was okay too, but we'll have to wait to see how the game shapes up.
Microsoft_Spokesman  +   2753d ago
2. Too Human
Ace Killa 08  +   2753d ago
they forgot splinter cell double agent
that game was fun to play with , however it was dam near impossible to join a match. you would stay in the menus looking for a match for an hour and still none found.
dachiefsman  +   2753d ago
crappy controls??? they are different but not crappy. The game was easy after my second play through. Too Human should not be in that top 5. I could think of plenty of other games that sucked harder than Too Human. Area 51, Jericho, Sonic, etc....
speed  +   2753d ago
I agree on some points
I noticed the camera issues within the first 5 minutes of the demo. They're not as crappy as say Ninja Gaiden but they need some serious work. I was expecting more of a wow factor but was a little disappointed. The graphics I would consider to be top-tier last generation graphics, but I understand if they had to sacrifice to keep the framerate decent. I would give the demo a 6.5 out of 10. The important thing is that SK takes these things to heart and improves the issues before the game is released. I'll wait for the final game to give my final opinion.
fablib  +   2753d ago
I do not understand...
I have tried the demo and I really really love it...
I have play it 3 times already..
I will buy it on day one!!!

I really do not undrstand why media are against this videogame...
I am really addicted by its gameplay (sort of diablo let me say) and the graphic, the art direction and the story are really excellent!!!
Dlacy13g  +   2753d ago
Articles like this are just shameful. Previews and things like this amount to unfair reviews of games before they come out. I mean honestly can the media please stop passing judgement on games based of pre-builds, demo's and unfinished code? This is really becoming problematic. This guy in OXM is basically taking Too Human to task and grinding an axe against Dyack for no good reason.

Demo's are put out to let consumers..NOT the media...judge the game for themselves. Why should the media give a rats a$$ if a demo is any good or not? Seriously? Why does this guy even care? Ok so he thought the demo was bad...then he doesn't have to buy the game. The rest of the public should get that SAME opportunity. By him thumping his chest about bad demo's he is effectively giving Too Human a bad gaming score prior to its release...which is completely unfair to ANY game let alone Too Human.

side note: I happened to love the demo and find this guys opinion utter crap.
Mausenheimmer  +   2753d ago
The only shockers were Battlefield 2 and Too Human. The rest were demos of terrible games. I'm surprised Army of Two didn't make it. A demo which forces you to play it co-op defeats the purpose of trying it out on your own terms.

Ya know, I'm noticing a trend for bad demos to follow games with "Two" in the title (or one of its homonyms).
Rhezin  +   2753d ago
MetalProxy  +   2753d ago
to bad this isnt about that poor game from sony. This is about M$ failed attempt to have a good first party game. :)
Naism  +   2753d ago
With mediocre graphics, gameplay, story, bad camera, bad controls, bad animation, bad character design, it's no surprise that the official xbox magazine uk doesn't like Too Human. Maybe next time Denis Dyack.
#27 (Edited 2753d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Dlacy13g  +   2753d ago
Honestly? With your profile pic and track record for really think anyone here doesn't see you as anything other than a fanboy? Why do you even bother commenting on this?
Highwayman  +   2753d ago

Considering the the fact that you haven't played Too Human and as the poster above me said means that your opinion is void.
okcomputer  +   2753d ago
"Horrible controls, awful camera, lame combat, embarrassing dialogue, hideous character models, clunky menus, ugly HUD, pretentious storyline"

wow, that quote basically captured every single feeling I had about the too human demo in one sentence.
SDS Gamerfiend  +   2753d ago
Too Human
Is TRASH! Deleted it within 5 minutes!
Mausenheimmer  +   2753d ago
Really? What's your gamertag?
Highwayman  +   2753d ago
Yes, I am curious to know this as well.
psnCAShville_615  +   2753d ago
lol @ xbix games ,, g
u guys are stupid for buying 3260s
t-0_ot-  +   2753d ago
Until you learn how to spell.. don't come back.
StrikingDmc4  +   2753d ago
droid lets see how many years ur going to have to wait for that crappy game u have on ur icon xb
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