Naughty Dog Puts in a Clever Easter Egg in Uncharted 4’s Gameplay Demo

During Sony’s E3 conference, Naughty Dog showed off Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, the impressive gameplay demo wowed us all, with its gameplay and graphics to match. But there was a small detail that most people might have missed.

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itsjustexuma1191d ago

The jeep’s license plate flipped and the fish with the R says Elena Fisher

Relientk771191d ago

How the hell do people see stuff like this lol

Maybe I'm terrible at finding Easter Eggs

subtenko1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

its not a fckn egg, its a license plate. thats the problem... easter license plates. I'll be ready next video game demo reveal...

UKmilitia1191d ago

link isnt loading for me.

CaptainPunch1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

Loads for me, but here's an imgur link

UKmilitia1191d ago

thanks,it amazes me people spot stuff like this,always looking for hidden messages haha.

thanks for picture

nucky641191d ago

bubble for helpful - thanks cap

Yahdaree1191d ago

Wow! I never would have seen that lol.

mxguy931191d ago

The real easter egg was the game crashing on stage. Crashing has the word crash in it. Crash bandicoot confirmed

morganfell1191d ago

Ha ha funny :) but the game didn't crash either.

DragonDDark1191d ago

@morganfell the controller did =P

ShadowWolf7121191d ago

Nah, they had a backup system on as well and for some reason the control had bound itself to the backup system and not the main one. Hence why they swapped systems and image feeds. :P

CaitSith1191d ago

Dude, you may be on to something! Naughty Dog live gameplay confirmed staged! You heard it here, folks!

PaleMoonDeath1191d ago

.. How I did not see this.

Mortal afterall.

eddieistheillest1191d ago

You listen or watch the kinda funny podcast lol . that's exactly what they said.

fashionst1191d ago

2 kits, 2 controllers.
Mistakes were made; not a crash.

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skysand1191d ago

When Drake first jumped in the jeep, he puts his rifle in the back of the car. Those little animations show their extraordinary attention to detail.

Utalkin2me1191d ago

They are hands down the best in the business at this.

DoctorFry1191d ago

Best in the business alongside Rockstar

Spotie1191d ago

Best in the business ahead of Rockstar.

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The story is too old to be commented.