E3 2015 – Super Dungeon Bros Hands-On Preview: Got Your Back, Bro (PSLS)

"If you’re into social gaming with anyone you might call a bro, and you like action RPGs, you will probably like Super Dungeon Bros. It’s a rogue-like dungeon brawler with randomly generated levels, meaning you’ll never play the same dungeon twice. The “bro” part of the game is the best part, with heavy emphasis on cooperation — both online and local — to make this game one of substance." - PSLS

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Wedge191121d ago

More co-op games? I am ok with that, though I want to see more of the worlds, and upgrades, and stuff.

knifefight1120d ago

I love these types of games. Dark horses of a show like E3, but super stars of the living room.