2 Games Announced at E3 That Are Unique

GamerBolt: "Whilst many of the giant franchises are great to play and extremely popular, it’s always nice to see developers attempting to offer something completely new and unproven."

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Jyndal1273d ago

Unique? Sure.
Good? We'll see....

_-EDMIX-_1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I give props to any new concept. It takes lot for a publisher to back such IPs and an amazing team to stick with a new concept that they know is not the norm and can be shot down.

In a sea of many generic FPS, rehashed ideas, yearly and bi yearly series and Assassins Creed. This is a something new, I'm pretty sure many of us would like to see at least the strive from something different vs the same ole same ole.

Even if the experience is a bit out there, its better then a life time of Call Of Duty and Assassins Creed lol, I mean...if we can get 1 good new concept a gen out of every publisher with a whole lot of trials and errors, I feel its very much worth it.

700p1273d ago

When a game like unravel makes my mom wants to buy it and shes not even a gamer..thats gotta tell you something. :)

DasTier1273d ago

Meh I have some issues with unravel.

Firstly Its seems way too similar to Little big planet & Yoshi's wooly World/Kirbys Epic Yarn.

Secondly the presentation was such a scam, sticking some ridiculously nervous guy on stage to try and garner sympathy/support for there obviouly lacking game.

TWB1272d ago

Unravel at least is a game clearly.

Dreams, while I think it looks cool, its like, what do you even do? We have literally no information other than you can paint these images/models. People said they had no idea about NMS, well this is like 100x of that.

Im looking forward to hearing more about Dreams but I have zero idea how they are going to make it into a game. As a visual tool it probably WILL be great...

Spotie1272d ago

It was pretty clear, or so I thought. You create dreams and travel through them, exploring one area to the next, living them out in that irrational way dreams play out.

MM made that pretty apparent.

TWB1272d ago

So essentialy you have some 3D models and an area to explore by ways of moving into different directions? You can explore ANY game.

No, they didnt say anything about the game. The Only thing obvious is that you can create things and share them with others but I would go even as far as to say it was never even clarified if "Dreams" is just a visual tool or a game. In the end it doesnt matter if it is just a tool but then people complain where is the gameplay.