Why Shenmue III Has to Become the Highest Kickstarter Project Ever

Carl Williams writes, "If gamers have done anything with the advent of services such as Kickstarter and IndieGoGo that is they have shown traditional publishers the value of fanship. While Konami won’t be making any new Castlevania games with Koji Igarashi at the helm- he has left to do Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (currently the most backed game on Kickstarter). Now with Yu Suzuki heading out on his own to follow the dreams of the fans by putting Shenmue III on Kickstarter. Now, think about this for a second- it has been about 14 years since we saw Shenmue II. Thanks to crowdfunding services like Kickstarter we will finally see the third game see the light of day on PC’s and Playstation 4. Interesting choices for platforms there, I must say."

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timmyp531152d ago

It'll reach 5 million before it ends no way it reaches 10 million.

Dir_en_grey1152d ago

Only $29 to get a guaranteed digital copy on what will be an AAA game.
Everybody should do it.

rezzah1152d ago

I'd go for a physical copy, but they do not want to do that for the PS4..

comebackkid98911152d ago

I too would prefer a physical PS4 copy (backed the boxed pc edition, but still plan to grab it on PSN).

KwietStorm1152d ago

What're you basing that on?

SolidGear31152d ago

It reached $10 million a couple days ago

kneon1152d ago

it's just short of $3.5 million

CrazedFiend1152d ago

You from the future (o.O)???

showtimefolks1152d ago

Shenmue 3 will happen, whether it's through kickstarter or sony, I wouldn't be surprised if this money is used to remaster shenmue 1-2 HD while Sony pays for shenmue 3 development

It makes too much sense not to release shenmue 1-2 HD remaster before the release of shenmue 3

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deim0s1152d ago

Star Citizen only raised $2,134,374 through Kickstarter itself.

_-EDMIX-_1152d ago

Star Citizen didn't raise all those funds on Kickstarter, once it was successfully kickstarted, it was funded on Chris Robert's site, not kickstarter. We can say its the highest crowd funded game though!

Speaking about Star Citizen, man I wish we saw more of it at E3, easily the most anticipated PC game!

Devy1152d ago

Didn't know that, thx for the info.

WelkinCole1152d ago

It is the most sought after continuation/squeal in gaming history with insane/cult like following.

That is why.

It is also why Sony's E3 conference 2015 will go down in history as one of the best.

joab7771152d ago

It sets a great precedent. And they could just go the Star Citizen route and set up their own page to keep collecting.

A really well done sequel with today's tech and the ingenuity of a Shemmue game will cost 20 million or more. Amd that's w no advertising at all. Though, I'm sure Sony might foot the ad bill.

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