Biggest Disappointments of E3 2015

The Invisible Gamer crew recaps their biggest disappointments of each of the shows of E3 2015.

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Relientk771153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

"The second half of the conference completely lost steam for me. After surprise and new announcement one after another, Sony eventually slowed down and decided to show a lot of what everyone expected…for awhile. Destiny, Call of Duty, Street Fighter V"

Street Fighter V was shown near the beginning and it also got a lot of applause...

pompombrum1153d ago

I can't believe how little time they gave Street Fighter V.. that is one of the biggest third party exclusive deals yet they gave it less time than Disney Infinity? Bit sad to be fair especially when it got one of the biggest cheers of the show.

Fireseed1153d ago

Its a fighting game, outside of characters and stages theirs not much for casual fans to see. I mean they could start breaking down the frame data for us veterans.... buuuuttttt i could see how that could kill the momentum Sony had going.

UltimateMaster1152d ago

Nintendo, in general, was a disappointment.

Eonjay1153d ago

Bungie really knows how to put a trailer together. I mean Destiny has been at E3 3 years in a row and somehow they still made it look interesting.

Bobby Kotex1153d ago

Jason Derulo is da real MVP

fallacious1153d ago

basically everything by nintendo

jholden32491153d ago

Everything? The 3DS announcements were gold. Not sure what your standards are but 3DS is swimming in awesomeness right now.

New Wii U announcements were pretty lackluster. But, I think that's because they had announced so many games ahead of their time and they're all releasing in the next 6 to 9 months. Which left them with very little to reveal this E3that we didn't already know about. Doesn't make the games any less exciting to play though.

3-4-51152d ago

3DS showing was respectable but not great either.

Most disappointed I've been in Nintendo.....ever probably. Still my favorite company, but at this point I can't wait for Mario Maker, Yoshi, LoZ and then on to the NX finally.

NukaCola1153d ago

Super Mario Maker, Wooly World and the new Mario RPG. Everything else Nintendo was disappointing.

Metroid Federation Force is offensive to us heartbroken fans.

dRanzer1153d ago

My biggest disappoinntment was Gears 4 on MS show.
there was no need to introduce this game,noting to show really.

StrayaKNT1153d ago

Gears 4 looks better than 99% of games at e3

dRanzer1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

I can tell you dont even believe to yourself

HaveSumNuts1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

So you're saying a demo of walking and running around in a dark environment for 4 minutes then 30 seconds of actual 3rd person shooting gameplay is better than 99% of the games at E3?

emilijo7771153d ago


NerdStalker1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Lol must have been a lame e3 in your world if that's the best looking game, i'm curious what was the 1% game that looked better to you?

remixx1161153d ago


I'm glad it you could see how good it was to dark for me....

1153d ago
guyman1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Glad to see aussiegamer at one bubble, finally. I was disappointed with gears 4 reveal demo. Graphics looked great and im happy they are moving more towards gears of war 1's dark tone . However, I just wanted to see some raw, action packed gameplay against locusts.

fallacious1153d ago

You have seen Horizon right? Did you missed it when they showed that?

nosferatuzodd1152d ago

Ha ha ha ha ha you're kidding right? He's kidding right?

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