Hands-On Preview: Cuphead I DualShockers

Studio MDHR is bringing gamers back to the 1930s with the beautifully-animated and vibrant Cuphead, a classic animated film that's come to life in video game form. During this year's E3 2015, DualShockers had the chance to take Cuphead for a spin in our hands-on preview from the show.

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Nirvana315911275d ago

Tried the game and although it's very pretty, it's too hard. I saw 30 people play and not even a single one could beat a boss.

1275d ago
no_more_heroes1275d ago

It is very cool. Thought it was a platformer, but that doesn't really matter.

You can't even say it's LIKE a 1930s cartoon, because that usually implies an interpretation of something, kinda like Minecraft's 8-bit textures on 3D models. You're literally playing a 2D, 1930s cartoon.

Its one of the most visually interesting games I've ever seen.

IVanSpinal1275d ago Show
rmeitz11272d ago

Oh I agree, it's definitely challenging, but really looking forward to seeing more of the game!
While I was waiting to play, yeah: there were definitely playing the demo that left given it is very challenging.

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no_more_heroes1275d ago

So its essentially a 1930's cartoon version of Shadow of the Colossus.

I can dig it.

rmeitz11275d ago

It did definitely come to mind as I played it, maybe something along that line or like Titan Souls.

Bathyj1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

This game is gorgeous. A throw back in many ways (that's not a negativity) from it's 30's art style to is 8 bit gameplay. It's going to be a gaming feast. One title I'm truly jealous of.

Melankolis1275d ago

This one interested me along with ReCore at MS conference. Why not PS3 my thought...

1275d ago
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