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GameRevolution: "I've always been fond of tactical shooters, so this E3 was a particularly memorable one for me. Ubisoft alone had three of these games on the show floor, all with Tom Clancy in their name, and the potential to be great games. One of them I played was Tom Clancy's The Division, a title that was just as unique as I expected it to be, but not quite as polished this far into development as I hoped."

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Debaitable1036d ago

Thanks to the lowest denominator on the platforms it's on.

Becuzisaid1036d ago

I knew it would get another patented Ubisoft graphical downgrade, but I couldn't believe how bad that game looked. My jaw dropped in the worst way possible.

I know graphics aren't everything, but when a game garners so much initial interest based on a new drop dead gorgeous engine, it's a complete and utter disappointment to see it in its current state.

UKmilitia1036d ago

tbh though since ghost recon was announced i dont care for this anymore,yeah i will still get it but OMFG GHOST RECON!!!!!!! i miss it so much

EDKICK1036d ago

I really want to like this game but every time I hear something about I feel more and more concerned. Im not sure why with Rainbow Six being coop/multiplayer and now Ghost Recon being coop why this isn't just a single player Fallout meets Far Cry kinda game with a really cool atmospheric setting.

Gh05t1036d ago

Im really hoping this turns out better than this last e3 showed. No more 4 player theough tablet or phone, graghics being worse than originally shown, and people who played it saying its not exactly what they expected are starting to worry me. Since this was my number one anticipated game outside of Fallout4 im really hoping they find a way to make it work nicely... my other worst fear is that it will get the neverending "game balance" treatment so the gear you try and work for one day is less valuable than the day before because of a nerf.

jv19911036d ago

Omg 2013 build was single player( wich always have better graphics then multi) and what we seen this E3 was multiplayer. Get that already. The game still looks good enough. If you dont like it then just dont buy it. Its that simple.

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