BagoGames | The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Review

BagoGames: MMOs are a wondrous thing. They always live on the fine edge, there is no middle ground between a good MMO and an abhorrent MMO. I am a picky person, and that means each MMO I play has to tick certain boxes to make it worth my time and in general, successful. The trouble with Massively Multiplayer games is that they have to appeal to a wide number of players and be packed with content. You have to keep all different types of players of different levels productive and active. You need to provide them incentive to keep playing, be it in gold or level-based glory. I can’t even fathom explaining how often I’d fire up an MMO to give up on it a week later.

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MysticStrummer1153d ago

Finally got into some PvP today. Very fun stuff.

lockedongamer11152d ago

Is it different to other MMO's?

8BitProof1151d ago

Seems pretty cool, but it looks like a HUGE time sink!

lockedongamer11150d ago

With Witcher 3 taking a lot of people's time, and Fallout 4 on the way, I'm not sure how MMO's will stand at the end of the year.

jokerman271150d ago

It's so much fun though! That's why I got Witcher 3 on the Xbone ;)

Ajoyshop1150d ago

It's fun but with content constantly being added it feels like a time sink. I play every once and awhile now. I like games that have some sense of finality and don't go on forever. It's why I stopped playing wow.