Hands-On Gigantic: Microsoft's Exclusive New Fast-Paced MOBA Has the Potential to be a Huge Hit | MS

MediaStinger: "Directly after getting our hands on 2K and Gearbox’s highly impressive upcoming multiplayer online battle arena, Battleborn, we got to also check out Motiga and Microsoft’s similar new exclusive cross-platform MOBA, Gigantic. From the very start of diving in to Gigantic, it instantly became clear that gameplay is fast… really fast, especially when comparing it to Battleborn and other MOBAs."

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christocolus1154d ago

The art style for Gigantic is awesome.Hope the gameplay is as fun as it looks.Smite definitely needs some competition on Xbox One.The more the merrier.

StrayaKNT1153d ago

Can't wait for this game I love MOBAS and this looks so unique the art style is perfect for it

emilijo7771153d ago

PlayStation Australia today announced that PlayStation 4 was the number one selling home console last year, while also becoming the fastest selling home console in Australian history.

joab7771153d ago

I will give it to xbone on this one. And its VERY smart and overlooked. But MOBAS are the most popular genre in gaming right now, and I've always said that it would be a huge boost if either Sony or MS could bring DOTA2 or LOL to consoles.

Maybe that's unrealistic, but I am surprised that MS, a western company, has gotten the jump with Smite and Gigantic. Where ya at Sony? It would help sell PS4'S in Japan and South Korea for sure.

fermcr1153d ago (Edited 1153d ago )

Gigantic looks nice... but I'm just not in to MOBA's. Time consuming.

Overwatch also looks nice.