10 Games That Were Remastered Before It Was Cool: Part Two

Bagogames takes a look at 5 other games that were remastered before the glut that hit the recent market.

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crazychris41241153d ago

Flatout Ultimate Carnage should have gotten an honorable mention. 4 more cars added for more insane moments, multiplayer and a new game mode. Only thing that I missed from Flatout 2 was the amazing soundtrack. UC had some good songs but its hard to top Motley Crue, Wolfmother, Rob Zombie, Audioslave, and much more.

SolidGear31153d ago

I still want BioShock and Mass Effect trilogies remastered. Finally selling my ps3 and game collection to go towards a PS4 in a few months and would love having those on it

Donnywho1152d ago

Sell your blood, sell your sperm, sell your poop, heh heh heh. Don't sell your Ps3 and collection. Noooooooooo...

SolidGear31152d ago

Loool. I need money for the system. I'll get a PS3 again at some point for games that I can't play on PS4. But I'd still love Mass Effect and BioShock on PS4.

Nerdmaster1152d ago

I see people still can't differentiate remasters from remakes. Resident Evil was a remake, not a remaster, and that's why it was so great.