What is World of Final Fantasy?

Gamerfitnation: "World of Final Fantasy was one of the quick trolling teases that Square Enix played before they showed off the Final Fantasy VII remake trailer at their E3 2015 press conference. But after looking back on the trailer, the question remains: who is the game for?"

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SavageKuma1004d ago

This kind of threw off many gamers during the conference, but it is cute and I find it to be fun as a handheld for a the vita. Which the vita needs at this stage.

isarai1004d ago

Yeah i don't know, something about games of this style beg to be played on a handheld console. First thought that crossed my mind when i seen this is how much i'd enjoy playing it on my vita. Really hope Vita starts getting more RPGs like this and MoonHunters

_-EDMIX-_1004d ago

Well most RPGs are pretty great on handheld. I was on a long drive with my family and put like a solid 4 hours in Bravely Default lol. Something about grinding turned based and not needing to be 100% focused is a great thing. I like knowing that if I'm speaking or have to stop for a bit, it won't destroy my playthrough lol.

Its also coming to PS4, but if I had a Vita, I would probably get this on it. I'm really liking Bravely Default right now (32 hours in right now) and sorta need to jump on getting a Vita later as it has lots of JRPGs coming to it that I think I'm sleeping on.

SegaGamer1004d ago

Looking back, this game felt like a little teaser to set us up for the reveal of the remake of FF7.

isarai1004d ago

I thought it was obvious that it's a mobile centric Final fantasy. Looks like fun and seems very inviting to newcomers like me.

NoctisPendragon1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

It isn't a mobile centric FF (confirmed by the director) , ps4/Vita .

It has a real story and a real world ( like a new Final Fantasy in short ) , so they are not doing it half-assedly .

But yeah it is made for newcomers , i hope you will enjoy it (^.^) .

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

Well they said it's a full priced game, it has a deep story like ffiv and the like, and it has atb system. All signs points towards the die hard fan base but the art direction screams kiddie.

MasterofMagnetism1004d ago (Edited 1004d ago )

Looks cool. I'd probably get this for Vita if I had one. PS4 version will do if I decide to get it.

Spotie1004d ago

I dismissed this game so hard I almost broke my hand during the conference. Now, though, I may use it as a way to get my girlfriend into FF and rpgs in general. She uses her PS4 more for Netflix than anything else, but maybe a game like this could get her deeper into the community.