Rating The Best And Worst Of E3

Cinelinx: "With E3 conferences wrapped up we got all the major announcements from all the major companies in attendance. They put themselves at the center of the game industry for an hour and half (longer if you are EA) and showed us everything they have in the pipelines. So how did they stack up? Who had the best outing that excited us all, and who was more of a let down?"

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affrogamer1039d ago

Best conference or game is very subjective but worst Conference was without a doubt the big N!
I have my Wii U sitting on ebay auctions right now smh

Summons751039d ago

EA was far worse than Nintendo. Nintendo actually had interesting games and release dates for a lot for games we wanted to know about. What did EA have besides Star Wars? Oh, right....35 minutes of crud nobody cares about and the entirety of shoving the fact that they put star wars at the end just to keep people in their seat while they attempted a mass murder boring things.

Genuine-User1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

I would rate them as follows:

_____________________________ __________


Nirvana315911039d ago

Sony's conference was so epic that it can't even be rated on the same scale as Microsoft and Nintendo

Mikefizzled1039d ago

People give Sony's conference comments like that because of nostalgia. Its a shame their genuinely great looking games like Horizon and new concepts like Dreams get overlooked because of a remake and a Kickstarter.

GameNameFame1039d ago

@ Mike

Sony really listened to gamers. Thats all it mattered.

andibandit1038d ago

Im problably out of the loop or something, but why does Sony get all the credit for
FF7 remake
and Shenmue 3,

shouldnt most of it go to
Square Enix
Yu Suzuki?

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GordonKnight1039d ago

Post the link I might purchase it.

Hellsvacancy1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

"Hololens looks to be more exciting than VR" I know it's all opinions.....

The Minecraft demo that was shown although it looked impressive the user didn't actually do anything, he just scrolled about the map, I expected him to interact with it, build/destroy something etc, it come across like the user is just watching something, with VR you are in the actual game

This is not some ignorant fanboy opinion, I love the idea of both Hololens and VR

As I type this and you're reading it, it's all two-dimensional interactivity, with VR you could connect to the N4G hub, locate my avatar and you could call me an idiot or tell me i'm wrong to my face, then we could go have a pvp duel

Utalkin2me1039d ago

I totally agree. Halolens comes of as just like a gimmick so far. I means it cool at first or for a minute and to show your friends once or twice. But what does it actually do for the person playing the game? And how will it benefit a hardcore gamer? Will you have to move around a coffee table or such all the time?

This is some of the things the PS vita suffered from with its AR. There is some great possibilities with it i believe. Be cool with like some board games and some casual stuff. But i dont think it will truly benefit hardcore gamers.

Ferage1039d ago

Have you tried the Oculus rift? I did and trust me, VR is more of a gimmick than AR. AR will be used in the future for alot of things, VR is just a gimmick and nothing mindblowing.

DeadManMMX1039d ago

See illumiroom for the potential that led to this product. Imagine playing a game where bullets can fly through the screen and people could climb out of the tv. First and foremost this product is for productivity and professional use it's game uses are secondary.

MasterCornholio1039d ago

To be honest with you I would love to play Minecraft with VR. That would be an amazing experience in my opinion.

starchild1039d ago

While I think VR and AR both have a lot of potential, I do agree that the uses of AR shown so far aren't nearly as compelling as what's out there to be experienced in VR right now.

In the long term, though, I think both technologies will have far-reaching applications.

Letthewookiewin1039d ago

Ya I don't play Minecraft so what will Hololense do for me?

DeadManMMX1039d ago

Of the two technologies holo lens is more impressive for its real world application. Vr is literally strapping a 3d tv to your face...

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chrisx1039d ago


Hellsvacancy1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )


I personally loved everything they showed, and I will be playing Fallout 4 THIS friggin year

Genuine-User1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )


MRMagoo1231039d ago

@hells and genuine

I think he is talking platforms not publishers.

Chronoman21039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

In 2015 all I know is the 3DS and Wii U have a lot of games with release dates that I need to buy:

Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Mario & Luigi, Star Fox, Zelda 3DS, Yokai Watch, Bravely Second, Yoshi, Fatal Frame and more.

Everything else is TBD or a very vague 2016.

If you wanted kickstarters, vaporware games to show up, remakes that are 3 years out, the Nintendo conference was dead last.

dbtor1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

As someone who doesn't enjoy the Japanese culture there was basically nothing for the 3DS/Wii U.

Yoshi's Woolly World and Super Mario Maker may be OK, but hardly games worth getting that excited about.

As someone who's never played Star Fox what they showed was very bad graphics and dull repetitive game play, in my opinion.

The new Zelda for 3DS just looked like it would be a pain in the ass to play alone.

I know the 3DS/Wii U isn't the console for the big hype games, but I would expect at least something to look forward to.

Chronoman21039d ago

Super Mario Maker is not worth getting excited about? You must have not watched everyone go crazy during the NWC. That shot up to the top of a lot of peoples game of show lists.

It seems to me like you are looking for things to complain about. If you do not like Japanese games, why are you commenting with Nintendo?

emilijo7771039d ago

Let's hope that Wii U will have many exclusives this year. We know how barren third party support is. No Witcher, no Batman, no MGS V, no Battlefront, no Fallout,... disaster

RPGrinder1039d ago

And Sony and MS do not have any first party games of substance this year.....disaster.

Spotie1039d ago

You could have done a better job hiding that Chronoman2 is your duplicate account RPG.

Sony's already had, at the absolute LEAST, The Show come out this year. And while The Order might not have appealed to everybody, Bloodborne was a critical and commercial success. Maybe you can call it 1.5 party, since it was codeveloped by Sony. And Until Dawn is right around the corner, with the Uncharted and GOW remasters on the way as well, so...

And I may not care much for their franchises, but Xbox has Halo, Forza, AND Gears to come this year.

The REAL disaster is that pointless comment of yours.

RPGrinder1039d ago

@ Spotie

The order was a disaster.

On the first party Nintendo front from this time to the end of the year we have Zelda 3DS, Animal Crossing 3DS, Fatal Frame, Xenoblade X, Fire Emblem, Yoshi, Mario Maker, Star Fox, Mario Tennis and more. It is just a lot.

You might not like those games personally but again this year like last year and the year before Nintendo will have the highest reviewed games.

GordonKnight1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )


We know Nintendo has no 3rd party support. Who actually purchases a Nintendo product for 3rd party games? Nobody!

My X1 is excited for Halo 5. (That's the reason I purchased it)

My PS4 is excited for Horizon, FF7, No Man Sky.

My Wii U is excited for Xenoblade, Mario Maker, & Star Fox.

I'm just glad my TV has options when it comes to gaming.

IMO Nintendo will release the NX holiday season of 2017. This is when Sony & MS will be knee deep into what was just shown at E3.

Blueraven3161039d ago

Here comes the Nintendo fans and the "Nintendo games are highest rated" crap. Fact is unless you enjoy playing the same recycled franchises year in and out then you don't care about Nintendo. The sells speak for themselves. Nintendo consoles have declined year in and out. They got fluke success from the wii and now it's back the usual. Nintendo should just go handheld because their consoles are a joke

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moegooner881039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

"The Last Guardian still looked like a PS3 title and honestly I lost some excitement for it."

And hence I can't take anything you say seriously.

Chronoman21039d ago

They should lose there excitement, not because it looks like a PS3 game, but because it likely still is vaporware and we have no idea what the game actually is outside of E3 appearances.

After E3 Sony said they are not even sure about 2016

TwoForce1039d ago

The Last Guardian is about art style not the graphic. The guy said that is stupid. This game is developed by Gen design ( former team ICO and Shadow of Colussus ). I know is scary to wait. But Shu said himself it will come out and I believe. It's risky but we have to try to hope.

TwoForce1039d ago

You need to have some faith.

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