Uncharted 4 As A Showstopper This E3: A Questionable Maneuver?

Uncharted 4 Did Not Deserve To Be Sony's Showstopper This E3 For A Variety Of Reasons Including A Highly Delayed Launch Cycle and Better Games like Horizon.

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DarkOcelet1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

"Unchartered 4, while an exciting prospect, is too far away and already too well known as a potential release to actually garner the amount of hype that Horizon managed to score"

First, its called Uncharted 4

Second, its Uncharted!

Third, its Naughty Dog, one of the best developers in the gaming industry so yes they deserve the spot they are in because they are the best! Nuff said!

And Uncharted 4 gameplay was one the most incredible things i have seen a game, just wow.

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spicelicka1245d ago

Uncharted 4 is gonna be amazing no doubt, it does what it does perfectly. But gameplay wise I did not see anything that would it look like the best game ever.

Graphically you could say it looks like the most amazing game, set pieces, cinematics, everything its know for is going to be amazing. But gameplay is nothing revolutionary, and I'm not saying it has to be. But I personally think last of us is a better gameplay wise.

bluzone1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Wow. Saying he (the author) doesn't want to see uncharted, because it's half finished at this point and shouldn't count because of that fact(?). Stupidest argument I've ever heard.
Looking at it that way, pretty much nothing at E3 counts then by any console maker.

ChronoJoe1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

Wouldn't concern yourself too much with the article. The site itself is clearly ran by some authors who possess a pretty stern bias towards Microsofts platforms.

Here's some other sensationalist nonsense.

They've even got multiple of the same article, where the headline has been re-written.

Not to mention the site itself possesses an XBOX colour scheme. Not necessarily linked with the editors preferences, but quite likely considering the nature of the content on the site.

joab7771244d ago

This is an absurd article. And I'm not being bias, but why is everyone so hyped about BC? I thought we went over this about 2 yrs ago, when all these stats were released saying that many want ot but few ever use it.

I don't think I would use it b/c I've kept my systems. They are more than just game machines anyway. And most ppl who do keep their games, keep their systems. If you are gonna sell your ps3, you would get about $100. A Blu Ray alone is $50+, and it streams media. I dunno.

With the slate of games coming, I think last gen is fully in the rearview now. Smart move by MS b/c it's something Sony cannot do...and as I mentioned, it plays well with gamers, even of most will never use it.

I'd rather Sony put time and energy into making Now successful. It's future is very bright, and important to Sony as a company. Also, it allows you to play games from the PS1.

medman1244d ago

The fact is, Horizon Zero Dawn is getting plenty of attention, as a multitude of gamers and media sites alike have been gushing over it's reveal. That game showed well enough to be a highlight no matter where it landed in Sony's lineup.

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Maltaze1245d ago

they dont really have to be hand in hand. Most "polished" games can be developed with ease within 2 years. Not to mention the PS4 is easier to develop for, X86 and all.

Aloy-Boyfriend1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Yeah tell me more about agem development Mr. PS4 developer.

MrBeatdown1245d ago

Please, name some great recent games developed within two years, "with ease".

Eonjay1245d ago

This doesn't make sense. Are they saying that the Final Fantasy announcement should have been at the end. And how can backwards compatibility be a showstopper/highlight of Microsoft's conference. If so, then Sony would have won no matter what.

Summons751245d ago

FF7 would have been an interesting showstopper but there was nothing wrong with Uncharted being there. It's something already announced and they don't need to talk about anything after unlike Horizon where they wanted the devs to introduce it and give some info about it. I agree, this doesn't make sense.

DragoonsScaleLegends1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

I didn't like Uncharted 4 being the last part of the conference either. They acted like they were about to show us a new game announcement but it was just another Uncharted 4 spoiler and I felt disappointed but the awesomeness of the gameplay they showed did help decrease that disappointment. Maybe I'm just still upset that they killed all of their PS1 IP's off. But at least it wasn't as disappointing as the Nintendo conference the next day :0. The Microsoft conference I didn't really have any disappointments because I didn't have any high expectations to begin with so I was the least disappointed with their presentation.

TwoForce1245d ago

Way too much opposite, my friend.

ClayRules20121245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

WOW! that's probably the most ridiculous thing i've ever read. Naughty Dog are absolutely amazing game developers, the best in the industry "In my opinion" The games they made on PS3, like Uncharted 2 & The Last of Us are both considered a Masterpiece! Uncharted 4's demo was Mind Blowing. I was saying WOW from beginning of the demo, to the end. The WOW factor was not lacking "in my opinion" Uncharted 4 deserved all the praise it got. For me personally, had they shown Uncharted 4 early, I don't think anything would have been able to hold up to what Uncharted 4 showed.
Naughty Dog are truly passionate gamers/developers, they don't do what the industry considers cool or acceptable. They make the games they want to make.

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