Lara gets into some trouble in latest Rise of the Tomb Raider screenshots

Microsoft have released more Rise of the Tomb Raider screenshots.

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chrish1990977d ago

Oh Lara, poor thing. Looks bloody good though.

GCO Gamer977d ago

Yeah, I'm really excited about playing Rise of the Tomb Raider.

chrish1990977d ago

Rightly so! I'm hakfway through the definitive edition at the moment, trying to make it last until November so there's no absense of Tomb Raider before releasd... aint gonna happen haha

4Sh0w977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

Hmmm, wish they would of shown gameplay for this level at E3....Lara is looking pretty damm fine from behind! Graphics and lighting looks superb too.

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Immorals977d ago

6 posts, and 2 are links to a picture of Lara's ass.

Even when the game is completely different from the original, the fanbase acts the same :p

LifeInNZ977d ago

Its looking great...but with so many other big games being released that month I may need to wait a little before I pick it up.

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