Is RARE back with RARE Replay & Sea of Thieves? - E3 2015 Chris Davies Interview | PlayerEssence

Francis From PlayerEssence had the fortunate opportunity to speak with RARE’s Chris Davies about RARE Replay and Sea of Thieves for Xbox One. Is RARE having a rebirth this year on Xbox One? Find out straight from the source at E3 2015 in this interview.

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jokerisalive977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

One of the best devs at one time - be nice to see them make a serious and realistic comeback. Cant wait to get this great collection for my XB1.

NeoGamer232977d ago

To me, Rare never left...

Kameo Elements of Power and Perfect Dark Zero were great launch games for 360. Viva Pinata was an amazing game! Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts was a great game! And their Kinect Sports titles were second to none for the genre.

They are just working on games that the core crowd will enjoy again.

Rare Replay will provide amazing value. And Sea of Thieves looks like it will be a cool game as well. Can't wait!

977d ago