The New Destiny Titan Sunbreaker Class is Like Playing with Thor | Entertainment Buddha

EB: During my hands-on experience I was in control of the new Titan sub-class, which is the fiery Sunbreaker. This new class is ideal for the tank-like Titans thanks to its supercharge ability that sets the player on fire and gives them a super powerful hammer that can be thrown at enemies just like another hammer made famous by the God of Thunder.

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JWiLL5521273d ago

Pretty cool idea to let each previewer select which class they wanted to demo. I've read about the Titan and Hunter class so far, but I'd like to see some more info on the Warlock since it looks ridiculously OP.

rezzah1272d ago

It only seems to easily clear groups of small enemies easily, but do little to the single stronger enemies. The range attack helps the warlock by allowing them to keep their distance when attacking whereas hunters must be standing next to their enemies.

This time around it looks like the hunters will have the weakest special of the 3.