E3 2015: Why Sony Edged Out on Top

Hardcore Gamer: While each company had their fair share of great announcements, it was Sony who came out swinging and on top.

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dotwithshoes1124d ago

They won because of a multiplatform game. :)

SniperControl1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

So which game was that?

They won because of Uncharted 4, Horizon, FF7, Shenmue and The Last Guardian.

In my opinion both MS and Sony had stellar E3 shows, but i think Sony just pipped it in the end.

Edit: Not forgetting Dreams as well(thanks Abash)

Spid3r61124d ago

MS won for sure we will always remember this show because of BC, a turning point for Microsoft Xbox One. The last Guardian took almost decade to make, Shemue 3 got a Kickstarter which to me SOny should be embarrassed and all these games are set for sometime in the future...MS is showing what we are getting by the end of this year. I guarantee that Sony pushed up many announcement prematurely because of BC announcement that people are still talking about now. So yes MS won this E3 much in the sameway the won at Gamescom last year by announcing exclusivity on TombRaider.

SniperControl1124d ago


I have yet to see a video of grown men and woman weeping and jumping for joy on the announcement of BC.

You guys conveniently forget that there has been no AAA exclusive games released on X1 since November last year, with the launch of Forza in September, it will be nearly 10 months!!! lol, yet you goad PS4 users that they have no exclusive games for the Christmas period, double standards much?

As for BC, yeah it is a really good announcement, but how many people are really going to play last gen games for any length of time when newer current gen games are being released.

1124d ago
xHeavYx1124d ago

There is something wrong if the highlight of your show is to be able to play 360 games.

DDOS-DelDaemonicOSes1124d ago

@SniperControl, you're BACKWARDS. "You conveniently forget" that Sony won't have any BLOCKBUSTER AAA exclusive games released FOR AROUND\OVER A YEAR by the time their 2016 blockbusters release. As for GoW3, I don't count that, because it is a remaster and you're ignoring ODST released last month. As for Tearaway, I don't count that, because you're ignoring Ori.

Sony obviously has a problem with delaying too many games and making gamers WAIT, and before you mention about how Ms delayed Quantum Break, in the video of Aarron Greenburg about CoD, he mentioned they delayed QB due to OVER SATURATION of holiday games (2015 is the largest holiday ever for Xbox, or I suppose any console in history)... he also mentioned QB was delayed until SPRING, so don't plan on making that argument again next year when Uncharted 4 releases in the first half of the year, because it was a delayed 2015 holiday title.

ABizzel11124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Sony won, plain and simple.

If you're an XBox fan you have a great 2015 and some good 2016 games to look forward to and BC.

But Sony's conference was all about global domination, making fans dreams come true (which is ironic since Media Molecule's game is called Dreams.). Horizon slayed, The Last Guardian slayed, FF7 slayed, Shenmue slayed, and Uncharted 4 slayed. And for the 3rd E3 in a row they've dealt another deathblow to MS in the form of COD being a PS first game now (not as bad as the last 2, but it still hurts).

Had MS shown off Recore, Sea of Thieves, Quantum Break, Scalebound, and Crackdown then we would have a different discussion and things would be neck and neck if those games demoed well, but they stuck to their 360 guns with Halo, Forza, Fable, and Gear, with a hint of Tomb Raider which is great for XBox fans and 360 fans, but it's not bringing one new person over to buy an XBO.

PS4 brought legacy titles which will bring fans over from all platforms that remember playing these games. All that was missing from Sony's show was their 2015 line-up which is actually good with Uncharted Collection, God of War Remaster, Tearaway, Planetside 2, SOMA, Everybody's Gone to Rapture, Persona 5, Dragon Quest and more. There were even more PS4 exclusives being announced on the show floor after the conferences.

Both shows were great, both shows could have 1'up their conference if they showed everything.

Davi1231124d ago

«we will always remember this show because of BC» Yeah Spid3r6! And you have no ideia how much! When MS give up from BC like they did with XB360 and they will do for the same reason: no boost sales! Everyone will talk about! Even more than you could liked! ;)

DillyDilly1124d ago

FF7 is timed exclusive. Which = multiplatform

someOnecalled1123d ago

Well he's right because ffvii is a timed exclusive. But I guess y'all don't get it except if ms do it. We would of heard so many excuse if ninty or ms did this. And let's not start on the kickstarter. A multi billion dollar company bright them out just to let us knew he's starting a kickstarter and that his game will be multiplatform and that they are taking credit for him deciding to make the game. How people gloss over they are take credit for this when its multiplatform and he doing what he would have did without them. The hypocrisy on the site is to a whole new level

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Abash1124d ago

While the huge surprises of Shenmue III and FFVILL Remake were incredible, they were only half of why Sony won for me. Dreams, Horizon, Uncharted 4, and The Last Guardian played a big role in Sony winning E3

Nirvana315911124d ago

People who think Microsoft won didn't watch Sonys conference...

rezzah1123d ago

They won because of games :)

KwietStorm1123d ago

So what does that say about everyone else? :)

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ValKilmer1124d ago

Three words: The Last Guardian.

NukaCola1124d ago

What's that? It's called Gears 4. Two words also as in "you lose"

ABizzel11124d ago



star_lancer1124d ago

I remember people saying Sony won E3 2009 because of Last Guardian & Agent.

You might want to see how history looks back on that before claiming victory a second time for the same game.

Why o why1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )


I remember some say MS won an E3 because of a multiplat steal, sorry, share...GTA.. I'm also sure you've not bemoaned those who chose quantum break as their winning title last year. E3's tend to be about wants coming. Sometimes that 'coming' takes a little longer than planed.

Truth is most media have chosen sony as the overall best e3er this year. What Ive also noticed is that it was a good battle between ms and sony. For me, BC by MS was a top, top announcement but sonys new ip and trifector of long awaited games wanted by their fans edged it. No need to get all defensive though, its just a conference.

spicelicka1124d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

Although it looks amazing, I don't see how a re-announcement of a 6 year old game, that looks almost like it did on ps3, won Sony E3?!

Uncharted 4 was shown already, and everyone's knows its gonna be amazing, but there was nothing shocking about it.

Horizon was the one and ONLY game that really shocked and looked spectacular. But I don't think one game is enough to win the whole show.

In the end it depends on what each person likes. I thought MS had much better E3, they showed 3 of their biggest franchises Halo 5, Gears 4, and Forza 6 in ONE show. On top of that they had some amazing diverse new games likes Sea of thieves and Recore. And considering they literally didn't even talk about Crackdown 3, Quantum Breal, and Scalebound, I personally think Xbox is killing it right now.

jb2271123d ago

What was "shocking" about Halo 5? I haven't heard any journalists heaping the amount of praise they have on the behind doors UC4 demo towards Halo 5 or Forza, and yet they are somehow a bigger deal?

As far as TLG, boiling a title like that w/ developers w/ that level of success in their history down to a graphical showcase is missing the point entirely. The level of nuance in the title obviously couldn't have been achieved on the ps3, and I guarantee that TLG will be very well received by all gamers on release, graphics will be the last thing on their minds I'm sure.

As far as "amazing diversity" on show with titles like Sea of Thieves & Recore, I'm not sure we saw the same things. Sea of Thieves could be interesting but it looks like another mmo, possibly free to play title, could be cool could be garbage, we didn't see enough to make any judgment. Then in Recore's instance, we literally saw absolutely nothing even alluding to what the gameplay will be. It could be the most redundant title ever or it could be revolutionary, end of the day there's really no way to quantify that, whereas we actually saw gameplay of Horizon. If anyone's being honest with themselves, the only true new ip reveals we got out of either conference was Horizon & Sea of Thieves, but which one is being talked about by gamers & journalists? I haven't heard a single mention of Sea of Thieves so I'm guessing there wasn't much to show of it?

You are definitely entitled to your opinion, & I understand how you got there, but there really is no downplaying Sonys showcase. As far as MS not showing their other announced titles, you are absolutely right, they are poised for one more great showing in Gamescom later this year. Meanwhile, Sony has no fewer than 3 more conferences to go in Paris Games Week, TGS & PSX. Says to me we are still only seeing the tip of the iceberg in regards to Sonys future, and a mostly full crystal clear picture of Microsofts next year or two. All fans have plenty to be excited about but I'm personally glad that Sony fans have a future of unknown possibility ahead of them to anticipate on top of potential generation defining titles like Uc4, NMS & Horizon.

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Letthewookiewin1124d ago

Sony had the best conference but MS was good too. Like I've been saying though if you take away backwards compatibility would it have been as close as it was?

TXIDarkAvenger1124d ago

Eh, it was about even for me.

Sony might of slightly gained an edge because they actually had something to show for Horizon whereas there was nothing shown for ReCore.

The Last Guardian seems to get a lot attention but its only because of the studios background and not what they showed. If you never played a Team Ico game, then announcement of The Last Guardian is pretty meh.

OB1Biker1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

tbh I have no idea why people kinda compare Horizon to ReCore. Seems like very different scale to me and Horizon more like a huge title
Edit: My kid is going to fall in love with The Last Guardian, its far far from 'meh'.

jokerisalive1124d ago

I thought No Mans Sky and Firewatch looked cool as hell. Got to give it to Sony for having all the bases covered with first party, third party and cool new indies. Great E3 for everyone especially us the gamers who live for this stuff.

GamerGT1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )


Coming from me who lives in Wyoming it sparked my interest that Wyoming is the setting. Curious if this game (Firewatch ) is more serious or funny. And I think I have seen that it comes out this year still and looking forward to giving it a shot. And No Man's Sky. I can only imagine how many reincarnations I'm going to have to go through to visit all them planets. But dammit, I will.

jokerisalive1123d ago

thats cool bro that your in the actual place where the game is built around. Yes like I said I am excited for it as it is a neat looking game in its own right. Suspenseful and a cool graphics style.