Did Uncharted or Tomb Raider Win the E3 Action-Adventure Title?

At E3 2015, we had some healthy competition between the two franchises and it's time to take a look at which game came out on top.

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ValKilmer1270d ago

Uncharted 4 hands-down. Rise of the Tomb Raider looked great, but Uncharted 4 looks like a bonafide system seller and a GOTY contender.

Genuine-User1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

I was simply blown away by the intricate/immaculate presentation.
I highly recommend you guys give the Uncharted 4: E3 Demo Breakdown a watch:

Cindy-rella1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Uncharted 4 has another 8 months or more till release and it looks way better than tomb raider and everything else at E3. Uncharted 4 will look way better on release. The best development team is making uncharted 4 so its not really a contest on which game will be more acclaimed

Uncharted 4 wins

MrDead1270d ago


Thank you for posting that, one of the best breakdown vids I've ever seen.

PaleMoonDeath1270d ago

That video pointed out quite a bit I never picked up on, bubble up!

Christopher1270d ago

While I love the hell out of the technology and graphics of Uncharted 4, since when did that determine best action-adventure game?

Spotie1270d ago

@Christopher: I think graphical presentation plays a role, since we're talking which had the better E3 showing.

Christopher1270d ago

***@Christopher: I think graphical presentation plays a role, since we're talking which had the better E3 showing.***

I think it's a part of the equation. Every argument so far has made it "the equation".

Ikki_Phoenix1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

First title Tomb raider 1996
First title uncharted 2007.
I think you mean uncharted is wannabe tomb raider'

check uncharted gameplay and check tomb raider classics gameplay.
check uncharted gameplay and check NEW tomb raider gaemplay

who is the wannabe here... so shut up thx.

miyamoto1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

7, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – 2,776,402

77. Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox Channel) – 103,168


"Uncharted 4 is, without question, the most graphically impressive console game I have ever seen." -VG 24/7

Ezz20131269d ago

Yes, Uncharted 4 hands down

Freaking incredible

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VforVideogames1270d ago

Whats the point? were going to play them both next year on the same console!!!!!!!!!

ABizzel11270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Val you need to be reported for even submitting this, Uncharted completely owned TR in every way possible, and that's nothing to take lightly considering Tomb Raider is looking like a strong High 8 / low 9 games review wise.


However, Uncharted 4 looks like the second coming of the 21/20 that Uncharted 2 broke gaming with. Literally watching as that city was tore apart by that ARV stomped every action scene at E3.

The physics, destruction, animation, graphics, and gameplay in that game are incredible, and once again they've set the bar for the Action Adventure genre by a leap.

Tomb Raider is what I expected, Uncharted blew my mind.

medman1270d ago

I'll be honest...I don't even see what the point is of comparing two titles that haven't been released yet. Naughty Dog is Naughty seems whatever they create will be brilliant. I loved the Tomb Raider reboot, so I hope they don't f this next installation up, and give gamers bigger and better of what made the reboot so damn good.

starchild1270d ago

I'm a huge fan of both series and the new games both look exceptional, so I really couldn't choose.

Azzanation1270d ago

To be fair Tomb Raider also look like bonafide system seller and a GOTY contender. which ever one your playing I am sure you would have a blast.

TheXgamerLive1269d ago

Children children stop being so foolish. If the media and attendies voted Tomb Raider then accept and move in. You have your favorite whatever it may be and that's cool.

marinelife91269d ago

I'll give a final verdict at the end of next year when TR comes to PS4. But for now Uncharted 4 is ahead. I haven't been that blown away since Uncharted 2.

Trekster_Gamer1269d ago

uncharted win best glitch...
TR looked like more fun...

Uncharted was avoiding gridlock while Lara was actually exploring not having a bromance in town like Nathan

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-Foxtrot1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Uncharted 4...mainly because it's stayed true to it's self

Four games in and it's keeping in the same tone as the other games. They haven't changed almost everything about it to try to give it more appeal resulting in it looking like a new's still good old Uncharted.

Tomb Raider looks great but it's not Tomb Raider. They changed so much in the reboot that I don't even see the point in calling it Tomb Raider.

Lets not forget Tomb Raider and even in the sequel as shown in the demo is trying too hard to be Uncharted resulting in it loosing all it's history. We saw more near death experiences, QTE and moments where Lara "JUST" got away with her life in the entire reboot then we did with Drake in all three games. I mean that's saying something don't you think

TXIDarkAvenger1270d ago

"They changed so much in the reboot that I don't even see the point in calling it Tomb Raider. "

I don't think you know what reboot means.

-Foxtrot1270d ago

So reboot means change everything untill theres hardly anything left which resembles the games we fell in love with.

Could have fooled me /s

TwoForce1270d ago

I understand what is reboot. The things is, reboot can gone too far with the original. Too much different.

DeadManMMX1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

They had to change it because the old formula had hit a wall of repetition. This happens to a lot of franchises. God Of War, Assasins Creed, Saints Row, come to mind. You can only take the same formula so far for so many entries before it gets stale. Uncharted has had the same basic gameplay since Day one. Guys run out take cover you shoot them in the head or 2 or 3 times in the chest. If you get close enough a QTE pops up where they swing and you duck and uppercut. Basic melee attacks etc etc. Naughty Dog being masters of game design use story and character and action set pieces to distract from the fact the game fundamentally hasn't changed at all in 8 years.
Tomb Raider inspired Uncharted and Uncharted in turn reinspired Tomb Raider but Lara practically started the genre. In terms of gameplay mechanics and variety the last tomb raider was a better game then the last Uncharted and I loved the last Uncharted but it felt like more of the same in the end. By the way you mention these near death experiences. Literally every Uncharted game has multiple sequences where Drake gets to a tomb, temple, etc before the enemy solving the puzzle. The enemy gets the drop on Drake and kidnaps his friend/lover/partner. Usually Drake gets shot and left for dead/pushed off a mountain/jumps into lake, etc. Then he finds the friend/lover/partner. They go to the next cave where they solve the puzzle and then the enemy again gets the jump on him in a cutscene and leaves him for dead/pushes him off a mountain/lake, etc. These games have so many repeating themes/situations. Drake should have been dead like 50 times in the 4 games released so far. The fact that these situations keep happening over and over and his incompetent antagonists let him escape is just what it is. You cant tell me you haven't noticed this.

TwoForce1270d ago

Uncharted series have souls. Because it got character, action and humor. What Tomb Raider got, huh ? Lara Craff only. And other character lara meet are forgettable and lame.

DeadManMMX1270d ago


Uncharted series has some wise cracks and good voice overs from Nolan North and company. Comic relief yes but I don't know about soul. Also that changes absolutely nothing about what I said earlier. One thing is to me the Tomb Raider game played out more like it was about survival. Shes stuck on an island trying to escape a cult. She's trapped there due to supernatural reasons and so she kills people in a variety of ways. My favorite being bow headshot. The new game looks like it takes place primarily in a winter mountain setting and looks again like its about survival. In most of Drakes games he's globe trotting jumping from locale to locale. Train to plane to capsizing boat to crumbling office building. Lara's game takes place on one large island where you can backtrack and travel at will. The two games have two very different tones to them. So why are people trying to claim that Tomb Raider is some kind of rip off of Uncharted whens shes been flipping around tombs since like 1996. She had more sophisticated combat and a progressive unlockable ability system. Why does Lara have to be bad to make Drake good? In my opinion they are both great games but I stick by the fact that Uncharted has not changed an iota since the first game. They just added more set pieces and humourous dialogue. Naughty dog knows they cant keep this up without killing some of the characters your saying you love so much or drastically changing the series so they are moving on. They know they can't keep delivering the same thing and creatively why would they want to.

DrumBeat1270d ago

Uncharted, with its massive set pieces, awesome physics, nonstop action, and kickass combat.

I love Tomb Raider, but it isn't on the same level as Uncharted. I also love the characters of Uncharted, and don't really care for all the throwaway characters in Tomb Raider.

-Foxtrot1270d ago

Have to throw in the voice acting along with the bland supporting characters.

Lara's new voice actresses is horrible. She sounds way too young and you can't take her seriously.

kneon1270d ago

But we started all over so she's supposed to be young.

-Foxtrot1270d ago


She's 21....not 15

gamer78041270d ago

Its camilla luddington, she does s grest job and fits the age range well

DrumBeat1270d ago

That's exactly the word for the supporting characters in Tomb Raider. Bland. You don't care for anyone but Lara, really.

Uncharted makes most of their supporting characters compelling, especially Sully. You actually want to protect him, and care about the old man. TR's supporting characters are simply annoying most of the time.

Sevir1270d ago

Lara sounds like she's in her 20s... The voice acting is actually quite good. However! Tomb Raider was never about humor so the character relationshiprelationships between Lara and the support cast may not have been strong since everything seemed very serious tonally

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uth111270d ago

I'll go with the one that showed action...

Batnut001270d ago

I love both, now Crystal and Naughty Dog need to come together and have a game starring both characters, that'd be kickass.

NeverHeavyMan1270d ago

Always brings that pic to mind and I totally agree with you!

OT: Uncharted usually impresses me the most in this genre, but I must say, I miss the old Tomb Raider games. Underworld, for example, was simply fantastic! I'm not a big fan of the changes, but then, I get them. The climate has shifted, Uncharted rules this genre, and the franchise has to stay relevant.

Tomb Raider 2013 proved that it CAN stay relevant, I just wish they deviate, a bit, from the Uncharted-esque style.

Inzo1270d ago

The way Lara should look and a team up I would love to see. This new reboot isnt a real Tomb Raider game.