Nintendo’s lackluster E3 showing

Nintendo didn't do much at this years E3 with their Digital Event. It was more geared to showing mainly just games, but it didn't have the usual power Nintendo presents at their show. Many gamer's expected to hear something about Nintendo's next console, but not much about the NX came up. They also seemed to focus much of their time on 3DS games with less Wii U games present. Did Nintendo fail this E3?

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Chronoman2888d ago

These sites sure do come out of the woodwork for E3

Sly-Lupin888d ago

Yup. Everyone has an opinion after E3, and everyone feels the need to shout it.

But, hey, on the upside, E3 is just about the only time most games media outlets will ever even write about Nintendo games.

blackblades888d ago

Always you got the pre e3 articles like predictions etc. The actual e3 and then the after math with articles like this that might last for a couple of weeks.

wonderfulmonkeyman888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

" Many gamer's expected to hear something about Nintendo's next console, but not much about the NX came up."

Those "many gamers" were either ignorant of past statements or willfully stupid, then.
Nintendo had already stated they'd be talking about the system next year.

On another many articles do we need on this subject before people are satisfied?
Are they trying to make up for last year, when Nintendo knocked it out of the park and left them with nothing to say?
At this point you could practically make a drinking game out of it; a shot for every time someone posts an article about Nintendo's bad E3 this year.

We get it already.

Even Nintendo fans know this year's presentation had a sucky mood.
Federation Force was the spark that lit the fires of disappointment.

But it's time to end the camping trip and smother the bonfire; no matter how bad they did, there's a limit to how many of these articles, that don't mention enough of the good aspects of it, should be popping up.

RPGrinder888d ago

After Splatoon was a success, people thought they would have that to kick around. This was the next best thing.

emilijo777888d ago

yea, Splatoon was huge success - 136k first month in US. That's worse than The Order: 1886.

Gamer777888d ago

@emilijo777 Splatoon probably didn't cost much to make (like most Nintendo games) I'm certain its' sales will be enough to break even or make profit.

RPGrinder888d ago (Edited 888d ago )


At least 600k globally from our estimates. Higher than the order

Metacritic - 81. The order well, we do not want to go with reviews, it was basically shovelware.

Your mistake is thinking about The Order.

jcnba28888d ago


Splatoon is on a console with only 9/10 million install base.

The Order sold on a console with almost double that install base so the Splatoon numbers were actually very impressive.

Moonman887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

Splatoon had two days of NPD eligibility. I remember when the first Uncharted came out and sold 180k and people called flop. That game went on to sell millions and became an iconic franchise for Sony.

Peace and love.

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benji101888d ago

The stories should be about Sony having no games for over 8 months. Instead, because metroid for wii u is not happening it is attack Nintendo despite the wii u and 3ds having a verty strong line up for the next 6 months.

hemmo1986887d ago (Edited 887d ago )

No game accept Batman Arkham knight, Metal gear solid, Star Wars battlefront, rainbow six, Need for speed, assassins creed syndicate, Call of duty ( for those that like it), OH WAIT! there third party games silly me. I forgot no one plays those.

Yeah I cant wait for Inazuma elevent go and skylanders super chargers for 3ds. Yeah man there right up there on my list of top games to play wooohoooo!!! pfffttt..

Sly-Lupin888d ago

Yeah. I'm sick of stupid consumers getting mad because developers/publishers fail to live up to their irrational expectations.

And these morons begging for a WiiU replacement have been whinging the same tired song since the WiiU first launched.

gerbwmu888d ago

They just didnt have much to announce....whether their developers have moved on to the NX or they just don't have enough info to reveal what is going on with early developed was a boring presentation......although I loved the Muppets!

Still plenty of games for me and my tastes coming this fall and winter. Hopefully 2016 has a few surprises

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Zcarnut888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

How could they have a good E3 if they have already admitted a successor is in the works for the wiiU? Its only two and half years old.
At least it wasn't Virtual Boy bad.

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