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Crystal Dynamic creative director Noah Hughes took a numbers of fan questions on the Rise of the Tomb Raider forums about the game releasing on “other platforms.”

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-Foxtrot1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Which translates to

"Unfortunately, I still can’t announce anything as I'll be torn apart by higher ups and Microsoft, but I understand the question and I sympathize with the situation"

It's coming...we'll just have to wait. Hopefully not long.

I'm sorry but for me, playing this franchise from the PS1 onwards (PS2, PS3 etc) it's a PS thing.

Snookies121245d ago

I agree, I grew up playing Tomb Raider on my PS1 back in the day. It'll always be a PS kind of game for me, because of that.

-Foxtrot1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Yup. Even right down to the controller.

I couldn't play Tomb Raider with an Xbox controller. Same goes for GTA, MGS or Final Fantasy

Godmars2901245d ago

Oddly at this point Tomb Raider has become an Uncharted imitator that tries harder to put its protagonist in cinematic scenes. Never mind that the "original" Tomb Raider - and Indiana Jones - inspired Uncharted.

No really, Laura Croft is suppose to be a legitimate archeologist who just happens to find herself in dire situations involving an army of merc and possibly the supernatural, where Drake is a law skirting treasure hunter who actively deals with criminals.

That he also winds up in the middle of supernatural crap is besides the point.

Genuine-User1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

People are quick to disagree.
You guys are spot on. I said something very similar to a friend the other day; regardless of the collaboration between Microsoft and Crystal Dynamics, I will always associate this franchise with the PlayStation brand. No amount of money-hatting will change that.

-Foxtrot1245d ago


"Oddly at this point Tomb Raider has become an Uncharted imitator that tries harder to put its protagonist in cinematic scenes"

That's my problem with the reboot. It's not Tomb Raider.

However people think because you say or even think that then you "hate" the game or you think the game is "shit" when that's not true.

The reboot is great game in it's own right but when a game has to live up to a franchise which has it's own gameplay and mechanics then you turn it on it's head and make something different then it's like

"Why not just make a new IP"

There's been so many old franchises getting new games or instalments which do pretty well but at the end of the day don't feel like it's part of a franchise it's supposed to be representing. I won't both listing them as it will cause massive debates but there's a few.

Again it's not that you think they are "bad games" but like I've said it comes to "Why both making it XXXX franchise".

Tomb Raider was one of them.

As I've also said many times before if they wanted to have this "survival game" why create a new Lara Croft with a brand new origin story. Saying stuff like "See how a Legend is born" is silly because it's not the legend we grew up with....she's new.

If you just did the origin story of the old Lara Croft and set it in the Himalayas where she manages to survive 2 weeks after the plane crash that would be fantastic. How did she survive? What did she go through? What did she find in the mountains? You have 2 weeks worth of missing origin story of the old Croft that it would have been better making a prequel to the actual Tomb Raider games we grew up with.

Lng1010101245d ago

Yup yup. I agree with Foxtrot. Just like Final Fantasy games. Maybe the core XB1 gamers have changed, but I'll always associate the brand with dudebro gamers.

Utalkin2me1245d ago

I have purchased all but 1 tomb raider in the series, this will be number 2. Im going to speak with my wallet and show them its not a bright idea to do as such.

GameSpawn1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

@Godmars290 & Foxtrot

Tomb Raider in a way influenced Uncharted as much as Uncharted influenced the Reboot. What Uncharted brought to Tomb Raider's table was the cinematic set pieces and character building. Tomb Raider as it originally was was a platforming/puzzler that had horrendously simple shooting mechanics (face a direction and fire away).

Tomb Raider did need to evolve to stay relevant this day and age. However, Tomb Raider is still missing many of the things that make Uncharted what it is and as such (at least to me) they will always be two different games. Mainly I think that "thing" is the play between characters. Uncharted runs along a fine line between serious action movie and lighthearted comedy - they have just enough comedic play with the characters to complement the times of serious action.

Tomb Raider (at least the Reboot) had none of this. Instead they kept playing the vulnerability angle so much with Lara (and Sam) that it was almost sickening. I know they wanted to go for an origin story and not make Lara like she was in the previous games out of the gate, but I really think they went a little too far in the wrong direction.

ABizzel11245d ago

If anyone needs sympathy it's Crystal because a good point of this was for XBO to have their Uncharted game for the holiday and not go head to head with Uncharted. But now Uncharted has slipped to early 2016 (and to be honest it would be funny and foul if they did it on purpose), and now CD spent that time trying to profit and dodge the uncharted bullet that they've forced Tomb Raider into launching against Uncharted or moving to Holiday 2016, and by then few will care anymore.

At this point they better launch January 1st 2016, because they've pretty much ruined the sales of Tomb Raider on PS4 (launching July / August might help since no games usually come out then, but Naughty Dog did launch TLoU then).

uptownsoul1245d ago

@-Foxtrot & all others

I was a bit in doubt a couple months back but the more Crystal Dynamics & Microsoft choose their words, the more I see it coming to PS4. I know some will say "other platform" could only mean PC but Microsoft is trying to bring PC gaming back to the fore, so why wouldn't they acknowledge a PC version (if that is all it is)? Not to mention Capcom showed everybody how to describe an exclusive with Street Fighter 5 a couple weeks ago.

Yeah, I think the growing consensus is that Tomb Raider is timed & will be coming to the PS4

Saranya1245d ago

Sorry bro, I grew up playing Street Fighter on my SNES.

bouzebbal1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

but TR today isn't what it was at that time.
for me TR is a SEGA thing because my first TR was on SEGA Saturn.

Rise of TR had been confirmed on PS4 by Crystal Dynamics and Spencer. I don't understand why people keep bringing this subject up everytime

Khajiit861245d ago

Same here, Uncharted is today what Tomb Raider used to be.

gatormatt801245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

ROTTR is in a tricky spot. First it seemed that SE and CD wanted to avoid UC4 and not have to compete against it on PS4 by going timed exclusive on Xbone. Then UC4 gets pushed to Spring 2016, and I'm sure SE and CD are kicking themselves now since they could've really benefited by releasing on PS4 this holiday. E3 then comes along and Bethesda announces Fallout 4 to release on the same day as ROTTR. Obviously these are unforseen circumstances, but I sure can't wait to see how this plays out...

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Am-No-Hero1245d ago

I feel you man , they don't want to say it because if they , most of the fans will wait until it comes to PS4
cuz some will buy the Xbox to play the game

deadpoolio3161245d ago

No they wont...Tomb Raider is going to get destroyed..Its not going to sell, and because its buried in a mountain of bigger more anticipated multiplats SE is going to end up losing money over this...

When it has to compete with games like Fallout, COD, Halo, Forza just off the top of my head. Its a game that is going to be forgotten about by bigger better titles either MS made or 3rd party multiplats, that will have to be released on PS4 just to try and break even and even there its not going to get a lot of attention

Baka-akaB1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

It's still going to sell , however angry people are (myself a bit included) . The first game still got released the same month than titles like Bioshock infinite , Gears of War judgement , God of War ascension , Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm , Naruto Ninja Storm 3 , SIm City , and sold well .

Better than as a multiplatform ? That i dunno and doubt .

Still in its genre , it wont have any competition but the Uncharted Collection

ABizzel11245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )


It's still going to sell, just not as well as Square or CD will probably want.

If they were expecting 5m - 6m on last gen and PC, and it took them re-releasing the game on current-gen to finally hit that goal (and mainly thanks to the PS4), they should already know they've [email protected]$#ed this up if 5m is still their goal.

The game sold around 2m - 2.5m copies across 360 and XBO (with 360 taking just under 2m), but sales are dwindling on last gen and XBO hasn't made enough ground to cover that transition (which is why they're really banking on this holiday to boost sales, which they should get).

I only see this game selling 2m tops between XBO and 360 (which is good), but with all these huge games coming out. And as you said COD, Halo, and Fallout (which launches on the same day) are all huge sellers (normally +10m).

Well nevermind....

This game is in trouble of being overshadowed, and the only good thing it has going for it, besides being a good game, is that it's a different genre from them. Halo, COD, Fallout 3, and Star Wars are going to eat up the Holiday sales on Xbox, with Tomb Raider left picking up scraps.

Being pushed back to 2016 at the earliest on other platforms means it has to go up against the PS4's heavy hitters which launch that year as well. If they want any remote chance of selling on PS4 then they need to launch in January or in July and at a reduced price if the launch in July (which isn't going to happen).

They literally killed the sells of this game before it even went on sale, all for the sake of a timed exclusive deal just to get away from Uncharted, and only to still end up launching the same year as Uncharted.

Best of luck to them, because had they not made this deal they would have at least have all the PS fans to themselves who would be buying both Uncharted Collection and Tomb Raider to get ready for Uncharted 4.


styferion1245d ago

Maybe earlier, but now that Fallout 4 slated to release the exact same day as TR fewer will buy XB1 to play TR. Add to that Halo and Battlefront in the same window, maybe XB1 sales will go up but TR sales will drop hard.

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MasterCornholio1245d ago

I enjoyed the definitive edition on my PS4. Hopefully I don't have to wait long to play this one on my Console.

pyramidshead1245d ago

Knowing that it's coming is enough for me, even if it's a year.

There's a difference in buying a game and buying a system as well as the game just to play it. If it's coming eventually to a place where the majority of my games are then I can wait.

Plenty of games between now and then to keep occupied. Plus it will probably be the superior version too no doubt.

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Hold_It1245d ago

@Godmars, at least Tomb Raider is more about gameplay than being mostly a playable $60 MP4 marketed as a video game. Tomb Raider has been around longer than Uncharted and you can tell Uncharted was trying to be a blatant rip off of Tomb Raider with it's character a more sarcastic gender bent Laura Croft, and the original name of Uncharted was actually Dude Raider , but was changed for obvious reasons.

I've been a fan of Tomb Raider since the first one when it came to PC along with the sequels that was called Gold Edition because it came with more content than the original games. I like that they made Laura more human, and more believeable than her kinda being a badass for experience you didn't really get to see grow from something.

-Foxtrot1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

"Uncharted was trying to be a blatant rip off of Tomb Raider with it's character a more sarcastic gender bent Laura Croft"


Really sick of that comparison

Uncharted is NOTHING like the old Tomb Raider games. The only thing they have in common is that they both hunt lost treasures and have platforming elements.

Did Lara Croft always seek out trouble like Nathan Drakes, trouble found her.

Did Lara Croft take on wave, after wave of, it was more about puzzles and climbing.

Did Lara Croft get into cover as she sprayed enemies with any gun she could find while rolling around to dodge bullets....nope

What about QTE, near death experiences or those moments when something goes wrong and she ends up constantly hurting her self. Nope.

Uncharted was not trying to be like Tomb Raider. It was just being it's self...unlike the reboot which is taking far too much from Uncharted

Baka-akaB1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Uncharted got more to do with Gears of War than with the original Tomb Raider serie . Hell it's essentially a tps with an indiana jones theme (which Tomb raider doesnt own)

filipakos1245d ago

They are trying so hard to reach uncharted level that they are "destroying" the history of the franchise.Also can someone explain to me why lara is the most unfortunate person on planet earth?I know that trouble finds her but man everything goes wrong all the time especially in the latest gameplay that was shown on E3

pandaboy1245d ago

haha you're a fan of tomb raider yet you think the protagonist is called 'Laura Croft'. That's like a fan of Uncharted thinking the protagonist is called Nicholas Drake.

johndoe112111245d ago

I feel like I need to take a bath after reading your comment.

outsider16241245d ago

"I've been a fan of Tomb Raider since the first one"...
....Laura Croft eh?

Imalwaysright1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

"Uncharted is NOTHING like the old Tomb Raider games."

Yes it is. It follows the template that Tr set as standard for action adventure games in 1996. TR was 1st game to have ALL the elements that we associate with action adventure games. It was made in 1996 when 3d was starting to take over this industry and it was the 1st game to have exploration, puzzle solving, platforming, climbing, shooting bad guys and swimming combined in a single package. TR sequels added hand to hand combat, stealth, driving vehicles and more to that template.

What ND did was to fine tune that template with gameplay mechanics that fit today's standards but unlike TR which focus more on exploration and platforming they focused more on shooting while adding their cinematic flair.

@ Baka-akaB If we apply that logic then there is no such thing as revolutionary games and games that move this industry forward. By that logic Donkey kong wouldn't be the 1st platformer because someone decided to jump an obstacle in a movie 80 years before Myamoto conceptualized and designed the game that is known as one of the most revolutionary games ever made.

Baka-akaB1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Uh ? It wasnt even a critic about originality . Will you go off if i say that Half life is of the same genre than Quake ?

Uncharted IS a response to a popular TPS like Gears of War , and yet did its own thing and different twist on tps shooting and adventure . Didnt it only add online on the second title after all , when it's so integral to Gears ?

And no Tomb Raider and Uncharted didnt have much in common till the TR reboot beyond the Indie theme . Which doesnt mean Naughty was inspired by TR's own success . Still TR had a big emphases on puzzles and platforming than Uncharted never had .

TR was never as cinematic driven either . And you barely explore anything nor solve any puzzle in Uncharted , you're enacting and playing an action movie with a bit of platforming styled after movies like Indiana , Romancing the Stone with Michael Douglas , and yes stories like Tomb Raider

The difference have never been more obvious to TR fans , with the first part of the reboot chasing so intensely after Uncharted .

Imalwaysright1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

@ Baka

The Drake and Lara do EXACTLY the same things in their games. They explore, they jump and climb obstacles, the kill their enemies, they solve puzzles... How the hell aren't those games similar? Have you even played TR and Uncharted? The difference between old TR games and Uncharted is that ND focused more on the shooting and that ND fine-tuned that formula with gameplay mechanics taken from other franchises to make that formula fit today's standards. A formula that was set as standard for ALL action adventure games by TR and that Uncharted does follow.

By saying that that formula belongs to a movie then you're essetially saying that NO game is revolutionary and that NO game moved this industry forward because what we see in games we saw years ago in movies. Also by that logic then TR reboot and Rise of TR weren't inpired by Uncharted but by Indiana Jones. It's a 2 way street.

Baka-akaB1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

What do you even explore in Uncharted ? It's a game with a very linear pathing and set pieces . Wich again isnt a negative thing , since i need to precise it now . It's a different outlook and design decision

Take one of the recent Tomb Raider games before the reboot : Underworld and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Underworld - Despite what we thing of it - beneath the junk lay some ambitious puzzles. The puzzles would span entire levels . And guardians was full of two-player puzzles .

And let's not even get started on puzzles solving in Uncharted . It's even below stuff you'd find in God of War (again not criticism just observations ) . Most of the mysteries in UC1 to 3 , unfold during storytelling and plot exposition , not so much in gameplay

Imo you're trying to turn different philosophies and goals for those games , into minor differences . Another thing we wont agree upon tonight

"By saying that that formula belongs to a movie then you're essetially saying that NO game is revolutionary and that NO game moved this industry forward because what we see in games we saw years ago in movies."

What ? Having inspiration from those never detracts from having original concepts and game , so stop trying to push that idea into my mouth .

It's actually a good thing that we can now with tech , get something as cinematic driven but fully interactive like Uncharted (or the Max Payne trilogy) that push the envelop beyond those movies .

There is no shame or complex from those games being inspired by such experiences , since they made it their own ..

Anyway i give up ... we dont seem to understand each other at all

Imalwaysright1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

ND devs disagree with you

"Every Uncharted game continues to push for this sense of adventure and wonder – it’s about exploring places, right? Literally going off the map, going uncharted, but keeping you on the stick. We know [staying in control] creates a sense of adventure in the player"

I agree that Uncharted doesn't have much puzzle solving BUT there are puzzles for you to solve in ALL Uncharted games.

I'm not just talking about "philosophies", I'm talking about concepts, formulas and templates. A difference in "philosophies" doesn't change the fact that both Crystal Dynamics TR games and Uncharted follow the template that was set by Core designs in 1996 for ALL action adventure games.

I'm not trying to put anything in your mouth. You're the one that said:

"Hell it's essentially a tps with an indiana jones theme"

kenshiro1001245d ago

You're kidding me, right?

Sheikh Yerbouti1245d ago

You don't sound like an old school Tomb Raider fan talking non-sense; TR was more a puzzle platformer, not a shooter with those elements.

Uncharted has same story elements as the whole of Tomb Raider, but it is not just a Tomb Raider with testicles. Unless testicles means cover mechanics gameplay.

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medman1245d ago

I don't know about this headline, because I'm kind of sympathizing with Lara, who got snapped up in a timed exclusivity deal, only to be dropped off two weeks after Halo, the same day as Fallout 4, and a week before Star Wars Battlefront. Oh, and add Assassin's Creed and Cod to that mix. And also MGSV, which gamers will no doubt still be playing in November. Now that deserves sympathy.

-Foxtrot1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

They did the same with Alan Wake. It released on the same day as Red Dead Redemption...why would you do that

They could have moved Alan Wakes release date as the coming month was free but no, they let it sit there.

I think they are scared to delay it...but with Fallout 4, Halo 5, Assassins Creed, Call of Duty and Battlefront...they really should.

jetlian1245d ago

Alan wake failed just because of the type of game it is rdr had nothing to do with it. AW was sp and horror and not very long.

TR will be fine. If my money was tight I would choose it over those other games

ABizzel11245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )


You would, but not the 10m other people who buy those games.

*Call of Dutys sells 20m among PS360 / PC / PS4 / XBO
*Fallout 3 sold 10m among PS360 / PC
*Halo Main Series sells 10m on it's console
*Assassin's Creed usually sells 10m on console (Unity was an awful port and still went on to sell nearly 7m)

And if Star Wars gets the Battlefield crowd then that's another 10m seller, all launching within a month of Tomb Raider which its predecessor struggled to sell 2m copies between 360 and XBO.

Lara's about to get smashed, when should could of at least had a chance of selling well had they left the game multiplat since the Action Adventure genre is strongest on PS, and the game sold best on PS. This is TitanFall all over again, but far worse.

5m - 6m was the goal for the last game, which took them re-releasing on next-gen at launch and reduced prices across the board to make up, well they'll be lucky if they see 4m with Rise of the Tomb Raider.

XBO holiday is to packed with games that constantly break the 10m sales mark, and 2016 Sony's first party is finally ready to make waves and Uncharted 4 will eat Lara if they launch remotely close together, and then we're back at the holiday season all over again with a 1 year old game that's pretty much leaked across n4g by now, and more than likely a $60 price going up against the next batch of 10m sellers.

It's only hope is a January 2016, July 2016, or January 2017 launch and hope the hearts of PS gamers forgive them, because no game that I can remember has launched a year late to a console and sold better than the first launch (it's a struggle for most games to even make it to half those sales).

optimus1245d ago

Interesting; medman copied and pasted that comment from another that was left in the article...

why do people talk (and some hope) that it sells horribly? There is a game for everyone. Not everyone will buy fallout 4 (fallout 3 was one of the worst games i've played...ever)...not everyone will buy battlefront because it's mostly a multiplayer game. Is it that hard to believe that not everyone enjoys multiplayer gaming? Geeze!...
How well did the last assassins creed sell (without console bundles)? I know i didn't buy it, and don't plan to anytime soon...

Tomb raider has it's own niche and a lot of people liked the reboot and i'm fairly certain those same people will be picking up the 2nd one regardless of what else is out there at the time...i for one am looking forward to it.

rainslacker1244d ago (Edited 1244d ago )

I don't think he's hoping it will fail, I think it's just a realistic outlook based on what the game has to compete with. All games compete with one another, and the competition is pretty heavy this holiday. TR, while a popular IP, doesn't have the name it used to to entice people over some of the other big names. TR would be best served either delaying it to Jan/Feb, or just releasing in September if possible. The marketing for games this holiday is going to be insane, and MS is going to focus most of their efforts on Halo 5 instead of really taking the effort for TR since they don't have to counter UC4 this holiday anymore. It's pretty much written on the wall. I bet the only commercials we get for TR this holiday are going to be in compilation type ads showing lots of games. It's pretty much gone from a feature game to a round out the edges kind of game.

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Sevir1245d ago

Ugh, they need to give it a rest already. MS has it this fall, it looks great, but really what do you want them to do?

After seeing uncharted 4 are you really complaining about Rise of the Tomb Raider? Let them enjoy it...

"Square Enix sympathizesympathized with FF7 fans on other platforms"

Minato-Namikaze1245d ago

Ff7 has always been associated with playstation tho.

jb2271245d ago

Yup pretty much exactly that. The way MS is having to be specific when stating "this year" & "holiday 2015" more & more recently my guess is that it'll hit all other platforms at some point in 2016, most likely sooner rather than later. If the sales aren't great on MS platforms, my guess is that we will get an official announcement first thing come 2016

Fin_The_Human1245d ago

Yeah its coming and if anyone thinks its not the are blind.

Same with Street fighter...MS will get the Super Edition.

ABizzel11245d ago

Sorry to burst your bubble Fin, but SFV isn't happening for XBO at least. Maybe XB4.

Fin_The_Human1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Bizz SFV is not coming but who said SFV Turbo edition is not coming.

This is Capcom we are talking about.

I am sure they will pull a Ninja Gaiden.

ShadowWolf7121244d ago

There are no Super or Turbo editions. They're doing updates only. And honestly, given how Sony's funding the development and providing manpower to make it, it goes nowhere without their say-so. Capcom's not gonna be in a position to simply buy out Sony's investment to release it on another platform, and they don't magically get the rights to port it elsewhere just because they slapped a "super" adjective on the cover.

jb2271244d ago

That's an interesting situation for sure. I know that MS is working towards streaming XBO games on PC but has there been any talk of streaming PC games on XBO? If something like that happens then a workaround would be available for XBO players to play SFV in its first incarnation.

At the end of the day I wish all gamers would get to enjoy the games they like regardless of platform w/o having to shell out for an XBO, PS4, PC & Wii U...I personally think either gaming needs a clean slate where we toss all existing franchises out the window & start fresh, or console manufacturers go forward spending money solely on first party & stop w/ all of the timed, second & third party exclusive stuff, in most instances money spent on those things is ultimately money wasted. First party games are typically the best titles, and regardless of what these devs are saying, most of these titles would exist w/ or w/o any outside involvement. Gaming would benefit so much if consoles would no longer hand money over to third parties & instead spend every penny in house.

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modelgod1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

It's definitely coming to the ps4 and although I have a x1 I'm actually a little jealous. You'll be getting a GOTY edition packed with ALL the DLC's for 59.99$ while I spend around 100$ after purchasing all the DLC. I just hope they do away with the MP, it was a cool thought but drained me achievement wise. I HAVE to get every achievement for EVERY game I play; just as a sense of accomplishment.

oasdada1245d ago

Lol i was also gonna say this and final fantasy but i see uve already mentioned it

gamer78041245d ago

Uhh no. Its a pc game first and foremost. Sony paid for cosole exclusivity on TR2 though.

TheXgamerLive1245d ago

Yea because I havent at all played it on Sega Saturn and Xbox platforms.

Magicite1245d ago

They will port it to PS4 and PC for sure, not so sure about PS3 though.

Lukejrl1245d ago

I did a whole blog on the subject. It was called "A rose by any other name would smell .... sweeter" I wrote it based on final fantasy 13 making such monumental changes. I talk about other games too. But Yea. Might as well made a new ip.

bjmartynhak1245d ago

They could be clear on this kind of things.

At least Sony was with FFVII Remake being first on PS4, same with World of Fantasy and also with Shenmue III being a PC and PS4 kickstarter

thelwebb1001245d ago

Meh, I'd agree with you if this was back in the pS2 era. But now that XB1 and PS4 are so similar, it doesn't matter if I play Tomb Raider, MGS, or GTA. Fighting games are a different story though!

Thatguy-3101245d ago

I sympathize for them on the lack of sells the game will receive this holiday.

BallsEye1245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Well, it better be becaus it's e3 presentation kicked some uncharted poopers. The graphics, the action, just mind blowing!

Dirtnapstor1245d ago

I will have to patiently wait to purchase ROTTR for my PS4. Hopefully not too long into '16. Until then I'll rent the incoming TR goodness.

mokkeyrg21245d ago

The first Tomb Raider was release first on sega saturn

343_Guilty_Spark1245d ago

No evidence that leads one to believe it will appear on PS4.

Timed does not equal PS4.

It's almost assuredly going to PC though.

ManOfTheYear11245d ago

The day Dead Raising 3 makes it to PS4 is the day we will see Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4....

Until then, Raise of the Tomb raider will NOT see the light of day on the PS4.

Sheikh Yerbouti1245d ago

Raise of the TR won't, but RISE of the TR most likely will.

I'll make a sure I'll pick up Dead Rising when I buy it.

ManOfTheYear11244d ago

Delusion runs deep in anyone who thinks Rise of the Tomb Raider will be on PS4.

Phil has already said it's the same deal as is Dead Raising 2.
Phil has said he's not going to be invest in a game for it to be on the competition's platform.
Aaron G has already confirmed MS is producing the game...

People need to understand, "timed exclusive" means it's going to 360 and PC. Nothing more, nothing less.

Azzanation1245d ago

It shouldn't matter, soon both consoles will be cheap enough to own both. If you really want that PS Tomb Raider feeling then buy it on PC and use your DS4 controller.

kstuffs1244d ago

And yet the first TR was on Sega. Guess who stole it afterward? Tell that to the Sega fans.

-Foxtrot1244d ago

LOL...Sony never stole it the developers put it on there since the Sega Saturn was dying