Release date listed for Transformers Devastation

The release date has been listed for Platinum Games' Transformers Devastation.

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Nirvana315911153d ago

Yeah good luck selling this game in a fall packed with blockbuster games

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SlapHappyJesus1153d ago

Platinum is very much a developer for the core gamer. So, considering they make a proper game, this one should do just fine.
So fans of the series, along with the developer themselves, or simply just action game lovers should apply here.

ironfist921153d ago

look what happened when they adapted Korra...

ShadowWolf7121153d ago

Can't really blame them with Korra.

Game still turned out better than the show. :P

SlapHappyJesus1153d ago


So they make an arguable average game ever once in a blue moon. Most of the content they put out is fantastic.
They certainly have a better track record than most long-standing developers I can think of.