The Witcher 3: Don't Look a Glitched Horse in the Mouth | Respawn in...5

The Witcher 3 is scrutinised - glitches and all.

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Father__Merrin1272d ago

witcher 3 is a bug and glitch ridden game. how on earth it gets 10's is beyond me, should have released winter 15

starchild1272d ago

Which version did you play? I've had very few issues/bugs on PC, and the few I have had don't really affect my gameplay experience in any way. This has been one of the more solid open world game releases I've experienced.

slappy5081272d ago

Yup same for me, and they've pretty much been quick to roll out with updates for these minor issues anyway

Scatpants1272d ago

I've had almost no issues on PS4. It probably gets 10s because it's one of the best RPGs ever made.

aquaticDonut1272d ago

It's glitchy, sure. But I haven't run into any bugs outside that have seriously detrimented my experience.

Chucky20031272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Its a big game,you can't know anything that could happen or what the trigger for a glitch will be,so calm down,a few glitches doesn't make this game bad,this game is amazing.But this game is worth playing on PC,what can you expect to achieve on an old console hardware

Gwiz1272d ago

It wasn't ready for release that's for sure.

700p1272d ago

tbh I agree, its a great game but it has aloooot of bugs that are annoying. Its still atleast a 9 though..not a 10.

kbozz711270d ago

Have you actually played it? At least on PC it's been really good. Other than a couple of ctd's and some clipping, I've had no issues at all. Can't speak for the console versions.

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cfc781272d ago

Roach lol many times iv'e wanted to put the sword to his head though even with the bugs totally awesome game.

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891272d ago

The worst thing horse related with witcher 3 is how you have to hold b to mount and dismount so annoying. Also auto lock during combat is annoying as hell when it locks on to the furthest away enemy constantly. Nonetheless game is still worthy of a 10/10 rating. Also I may note I play on pc and I haven't had one crash.

robtion1272d ago

I finished it on ps4 with zero bugs or crashes. It's actually very stable for such a big game. If you want buggy see, Fallout or Skyrim.

SlightlyRetarted1272d ago

Oh Roach, you lovable retard is the reason i ran distances below 400. Most annoying bug i have is where NPC floats dead on a gwent mission and i can't finish gwent string of missions. This is actually a pretty big deal for me because i love gwent. Anyway, 130 hours of gameplay and nothing major, so i'm pretty happy with Witcher 3.