Forza Motorsport 6: Brands Hatch in Rain with no assists - E3 2015

VVV: "Our newest Forza Motorsport 6 gameplay video from the E3 stage floor showcases the game's impressive wet weather effects as our man takes to the Brands Hatch track in the Audi.

To add to the already challenging conditions, all assists have been turned off and so the track becomes very much a handful to negotiate. The Brands Hatch track is the perfect choice to show Forza Motorsport 6's new puddles in action, not only do they look great but they are also a genuine hazard that will send you aquaplaning into the nearest crash barrier if you are not careful."

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cfc78979d ago

Can you be King and President at the same time?

FM6 is looking boss really can't wait till release.

979d ago
poppinslops979d ago

Puddles to the people!

Horizon 2 had some crazy weather fx, but Forza 6 actually looks like it will be seriously challenging to drive in the wet... the 24 player races are gonna be brutal.

This and Tomb Raider are my Day 1-ers for 2015... Fallout and Battlefront are gonna need patches and I'm determined to wait for Arkham Knight's inevitable GotY edition.

The fanboys were actually right... 2015 is an amaazing year for videogames.

Bigpappy979d ago (Edited 979d ago )

My sentiments exactly. Tomb Raider is so darn beautiful and has complex gameplay where you can choose the approach the best suites your play style. This is because the stealth looks very well done. Just looks like a well polished and highly detailed game.

Froza6 looks beautiful and smooth. The interiors are just as amazing looking as the surroundings. I haven't owned a car game since the original Xbox. But this this game looks so smooth that, although I do lots of driving on a daily basis, there are cars here that I would never get to drive and I know first hand how heavy rain can seriously impact a cars handling especially if you underestimate those puddles. But the sceneries are breath taking.

Fin_The_Human979d ago (Edited 979d ago )

Forza is amazing not taken anything away from GT but they just take too long to release a game.

I think we will have Forza 8 before we get a new GT.

LifeInNZ979d ago (Edited 979d ago )

Looks really nice. Definitely the best in terms of visuals yet for the Forza franchise.

Pity they released all the details prior to E3 as it diluted the announcement somewhat at E3.

Bigpappy979d ago

The most beautiful car game on the market.

Dabigkahuna504979d ago (Edited 979d ago )

Just curious did you see that new Need for Speed game looks pretty good also have you try that driveclub game I think that looks pretty good too but it controls like ass #imnotafanboy

etownone979d ago

I thinks it's a no brainer if your into racing games... You need an xb1.

GenuineGamer979d ago

Especially for those impulse triggers! Such a game changer for racing games.

iistuii979d ago

Gotta admit after playing Driveclub & then jumping on Forza Horizon 2, those triggers are really pretty good, just feels right..

jokerisalive979d ago

Best looking Forza yet and withthe most content as well as weather and night effects. I am guessing no dynamic weather or day/night cycles due to having 60 fps as target. Either way this will be the best racer yet for me as much as I love DC there is just simply to many cars and full mods that you can do to them on here.

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CernaML979d ago

Its not dynamic? That would explain why the lighting looked baked at night. A shame. Rain particles seem to run at 30fps as well.

Naga979d ago

Cupcakes are also baked, and they're still wonderful.

Immorals979d ago

I'm baked at night.. Im dynamic.

And I'll have those cupcakes too!

977d ago
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