Tomorrow's upcoming US PSN content

PSU writes: "Several pieces of content have been confirmed for tomorrow's PlayStation Store update in the United States.

The first is 1942: Joint Strike. In this vertical scrolling shooter from Backbone Entertainment, you'll twist and weave your way through the opposition in your stylish old school airplane. The game, which features online cooperative play, will run your wallet a respectable $9.99. While the game is scheduled to launch in the US tomorrow, Europeans will have to wait "a couple of weeks" before they get a chance to get their mitts on this downloadable game.

The other piece of confirmed content is a demo of the charming PixelJunk Eden. With the full game (which supports Trophies) set to launch a week later, this is the first title in the PixelJunk canon that will have a demo prior to its release. We wish Q-Games the best of luck with their new strategy.

So, that's all that's confirmed thus far (that we haven't already reported, see the Guitar Hero III songs coming tomorrow here). Check back tomorrow for the update's details in full."

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Mikelarry3799d ago

that the website that got hacked recently(psu) anyone that takes the dive could you please post what the us psn will be getting. i shall not be risking my computer

Relcom3799d ago

They have fixed the problem, or so they say

Anyhoo PJ Eden demo(with the full game next week) and 1942 joint strike are coming today

Gamekilla3799d ago

using through your ps3 browser should be a problem as i am lead to believe that the ps3 is virus proof....i still use for themes and stuff....its a shame was a nice dedicated ps3 site, the hacking hurt any reputation it had....

StalkingSilence3798d ago

I would use the original:

Or the weekly (trusted) posts from PSLS: http://playstationlifestyle...

Tryst3798d ago

Yeah, my Firefox browser blocks PSU and has done so for around a week now.

About it not hurting your PS3, you are right in a way since the PS3 is built on UNIX architecture, and most (well, almost all) virus are intended for windows based systems - the 360 would probably be prone to the virus, though.

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Mc Fadge3799d ago

Till the update (I live in Australia, damn time zones ruin everything)

Canidae3799d ago

Been looking forward to getting Pixeljunk Eden, so a demo is very welcome.

ZombieNinjaPanda3799d ago

First Pixel Junk game to have a demo?

Then what was that other game, that had you building towers, some cannons, others bows, others bombs, ect. to Defend you village against these invading monster things.

Wasn't that pixeljunk monsters?

Then how the hell is this a first demo of a pixel junk game!??!

MAiKU3799d ago

That was pixel junk "monsters" this will be pixel junk "eden"

They're two different games from the same developer.

Nuclearwinter3799d ago

They said the first demo to be released PRIOR to the full game. So yes it would be a first PJM and PJR didn't have demos for a while after release.

ZombieNinjaPanda3798d ago

Oh okay guys.

Bubbles for telling me

Testo3799d ago

I can't stop playing PJM. I tried the demo about a week ago and immediately purchased the game afterwards.

This game is like crack to me!

Not to mention the 2 player game is fun as hell, even gets the wife more into gaming!

MAiKU3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

Does the 2 player go online as well for pixel junk monsters? or is it just offline 2 player???

riksweeney3799d ago

Offline only I'm afraid.

That does make it easier though to thump the other player when they keep nicking all the money so you can't build any towers and then the spiders run past you...

NathanGra3799d ago

Testo, the same thing happened to me last night! I played the demo and was like "Yeah...getting this." I haven't bought the expansion just yet, but the original game is addicting as anything. Didn't get to bed until like 4 and I have work today.

jamenees3799d ago

I tried to have an open mind to it, but couldn't really get into it. Maybe the full game is a lot better. I do like the way Eden looks!

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