This E3, new-gen finally found its voice, and (nearly) everyone's future is bright

It’s been a long-held - and entirely accurate - conceit that this new console generation has taken an inordinate amount of time to take off. The early proliferation of cross-generation releases certainly kept the new hardware on bricks for a while. The ongoing influx of ‘HD’ remakes hasn’t exactly changed that, simply swapping out ‘games you can also buy for your old machine’ for ‘games you already own for your old machine, but made notably prettier to justify a double dip’. The end result has remained the same. New consoles that are a different shape to to the old ones, but experientially not that different.

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Chronoman21248d ago

It has to be said that the Wii U has the best remaining lineup for 2015.

wonderfulmonkeyman1248d ago

Gotta agree with that; their E3 presentation had a few duds that ruined the overall showing, but it'd be a flat out lie to say their remaining 2015 is barren of good games.

emilijo7771248d ago

let's hope it will be able to outsell PS3 this year.

Chronoman21248d ago

The PS4 has not outsold the PS3 in Japan and likely will not. The Vita has been in dead last place globally every week for 3 years.