Batman: Arkham Knight Review | EPN

Here is a video review by EPN for Batman: Arkham Knight which is swooping down onto consoles and the PC next week.

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Mega24947d ago

Anyone know when can we pre-load the game?

zivtheawesome947d ago

it hasn't been announced yet

--bienio--947d ago

Yes is strange cos how many days left until release? Three??? GtaV had week before release same with Witcher 3 so I guess It's Not going to be any preload before 23rd of June.

Poroz947d ago

This is starting to look like to be the best father's day gift a father can ask for.

xfiles2099947d ago

I finally bit the bullet and I treated myself for Fathers Day yesterday and got a Xbone. Now I have both PS4 and Xbone not which console I want to buy Batman for. Not sure if there is a difference between the two.

ninjaskrzypek947d ago

PS4 has exclusive Scarecrow missions where u play as a cop in first person shooter.

stavrami947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

pretty sure its the same old thing with the resolution with ps4 on 1080p,I'm not 100% sure but swear i remember a article on here about it the other day. also like ninja says exclusive missions as well

Poroz947d ago

Tough choice for sure.

Kos-Mos947d ago

I have no problem with the score, but this video is not a review. It's a shallow opinion of two people, whatever they are trying to be.

greenmiker946d ago

Most of the review for that game are 9 or 10. Only Gamespot I think gave a 7/10...